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Batman always wins battles against Superman in the comics. So...Batman.

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first, looks cool.

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my question is which bat-girl will there be?

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Didn't realize this game was so action based.  Looks pretty cool.

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This game looks like it has potential. Either way I love comics so I'm picking this up :)

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Guy is huuge.

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It actually looks really good, didn't expect it to at all. Definitely keeping an eye on this.

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Jens Andersen.. the name sounds Danish :-)

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Looks really cool.

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If they do this right it could be pretty great.

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I'll be very impressed if it plays well on the PS3. Massive doubts here <---

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This is going to be quite a unique alternative to FFXIVOnline. If both have subscription fees I may be focred to choose only one to play.

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They need to get this out before The Old Republic. That's probably the only way I'll give it a shot. (Assuming SW isn't really bad.)

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So happy they don't have a WoW/Guild Wars style battle system - I can't stand them.

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still wish it was marvel and not dc. DC is B-C list comic universe imho. DC has some of the best villains, but the heroes of their world are just dull to me. Ether way assuming this comes out months before Star Wars i think this will hold me over until that one hits.

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Batman is way cooler then Superman and that's all that matters.

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@theMcNasty said:
Dick Grayson is now the current Batman, with Bruce's son Damien taking on the role of Robin.
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@Blitzer: Dude, Bioware are developing it, it's going to be fucking epic.

Batman would win, by the way.
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sounds intersting.

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@Gugi9000 said:
" Jens Andersen.. the name sounds Danish :-) "
It doesn't only sound danish it is... :P
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and by the way, Batman is gay and Superman is a dick..

superdickery.com/ proves it..
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Looks very good

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@SilverShadow:  yeah imma pick this up for my ps3.
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As a DC fan, I'm certain I'll try it out on the PC. Too bad a release date wasn't given.

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I am surprised that someone with the title of creative director was able to comment so little on the story.  Anyways, you should be able to play as Cole from inFamous since its a Sony game.