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Yeah, I was waiting for this

EDIT: Really sorry, I had to do it, FIRST ! 
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god brad is so cool

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Finally someone that doesn't sound like a total pitch-man/woman, I liked how honest she was, at least by the standards others have set
Posted by Jimbo

Dreamy lady is a breath of fresh air.

Posted by musdy

Brad probably hit that.

Posted by Nyro

Seems like a nice lady.

Posted by LangarN

What did she say Brad ? :)

Posted by Krenor

cool interview

Posted by Hairydutchman

Did she whisper anything about games or was it something naughty?

Posted by Crispy

She has an exotic beauty about her -- love it.
A cute interview. Mellow and relaxing, if that makes any sense at all.

Posted by Jeremy_x

Brad SO did score with her, she's totally into him...

Posted by Herreno

Brad got some.

Posted by m_rum

Nice and friendly atmosphere. :) Good interview.

Posted by Ryu89

Now I really want to know what she whispered in his ear.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Fun interview. She shoulda done the press conference instead of stiff Cammy.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Natal and Sony Motion blow Wii-motion out of the water in terms of tech. Shame that they'll never get the same sales as the Wii.

Posted by EndlessMike

I'd ride her spirit tracks.. imeanwhat

Posted by Aska

One of my favorite interviews.  There was also no (well, slight) bashing of the other company's take on motion controls, and she seemed to be really down to earth about the industry and not so uptight.

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What she whispered: "Your sideburns are sexy."

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She wants him baaaaaaaaad!

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What a sweet sweet lady.

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She didn't whisper anything about DSiWare, she was giving him her room number!  

As always, LLCoolB (Ladies Love Cool Brad).
Posted by PeasForFees

Yes! I can now post my photoshopped appropriate picture...

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Cmon, is Mr. Miyamoto

Posted by MeatSim

There whispering secrets to each other behind my back!

Posted by talljack

I'm definitely saving my DSi points for something good after seeing the look on Brad's face when she whispered to him

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I like her. She seems to understand what gamers what to see. Cammy though

Posted by AdventChild

Brad totally got some.

She was an awesome lady though.  Really good interview.

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Yeh, great interview.

As everyone's said here, a breath of fresh air. Though on the same note, and possibly because of her honesty, she seemed to get very flustered when asked about the competitors motion sensing controls. If Natal and Sony's motion controls actually deliver their promises, Nintendo could potentially lose a large part of its consumer base.

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Haha, that zoom at the end was great. And Denise is so god damn adorable.

Posted by radion_null

Nice!  I for one am glad that Nintendo has the ability to distinguish itself from MS and Sony.

Posted by Sikboy1029

It would be cool if Giant Bomb got to break the story of a DSi virtual console, they deserve some good exclusive stories.

Posted by sdauz
@TripMasterMunky: its Brad's voice
Posted by Orion456

She actually seems like a human being unlike Reggie and Cammie.  Straight forward, concise, no bullsh1t answers too.  She needs to host the bloody conference. 

Posted by JohngPR

LOL, she looked like she was diggin' on Brad a little bit.

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Brad said "We really appreciate you"
What he meant "I'll really appreciate you"

Posted by PeasForFees

Video down what? Seen it but What?

Posted by cinemandrew
@jukezypoo said:
" Yes!

Finally someone that doesn't sound like a total pitch-man/woman, I liked how honest she was, at least by the standards others have set
She might not have sounded like it, but she most definitely was.
Posted by Red_Dragon

Where is the video, was really looking forward to some more Nintendo stuff. 

Posted by JJWeatherman
@TripMasterMunky said:
" What she whispered: "Your sideburns are sexy." "
lmao. That was totally it!
Posted by InFamous91

Nintendo did a great job w/ hiring her

Posted by Rhaknar

I like how she said "thank you for being kind in describing last years conference", its obvious they had a huge backlash for it, and at least she didnt pretend they didnt

Posted by mr_registered

'But we really appreciate you ... taking some time out so'

Posted by CashBailey

Brad's bio is correct. PR ladies sure do love The Shoemaker.

Posted by JJWeatherman

Did anyone else notice the song FFF by Midnight Brown playing in the background? It is around the part where Brad asks about the Motion Plus being required for every game. It's very quiet but it's there.

Posted by KingBroly

She seems into it.  She even acknowledged that last year's show did suck for the hardcore.

Posted by PhilESkyline

You guys do know that she's a married woman right?

Posted by AllanIceman

Man! PR loves Shoepod.  Must be the voice.

Posted by billysea

The interview was kinda.... erotic.