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lol like maddox says

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This game is gonna be effin awesome!

I hope.

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Brad with the mad interview skills....always asking the kind of questions we want to hear

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Seems very solid.  When Metroid games aren't even in the metroidvania style themselves anymore, it's good that at least one developer thinks it's important to bring that style back.  Even if there's no screw attack or whatever, I'm still interested.

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You know, while this obviously has analogs to Metroid, etc., the first few clips made me think of Flashback as well. One of my old favourites. Kinda wish I had an XBox to try this out.

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I'll probably buy it if it reviews moderately well.   I love them sidescrolling adventures.   Super Metroid ftdub.

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No PC version? WTF. :(

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@Adrenaline said:
Not with his hands...WITH HIS FISTS!
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I'm not a huge 2D side-scroller fan, but if they could bring something like the Metroid style of game into the modern age that would be really cool.

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i'd have a dejavu with this video

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this is lookin sweet

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wow brad is a very good interviewer.

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Day-one purchase for me. I bought Super Metroid twice and SOTN at least three times. Big fan of the genre.

@ Jambones : They did mention games like Out of This World as inspiration at the press conference, which was a precursor to Flashback.

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Oh god, I want it so bad!

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Interesting, hope the style makes a comeback.

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This game looks sweet. Huge fan of metroidvania style games here. Can't wait for summer of arcade! 8]

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Oh, I really hope there's a PC version.

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This game looks sweet.  "Thanks Brian"


It looks kinda generic to me, i don't know, I'm not sold on this game yet.  Also, the whole-he's just a regular guy is dumb.

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@MrKlorox: Well, that about sold me on it. I loved those games despite how short they were. It's nice to see the games had an influence after all this time.
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Dude, this just blew my mind: A Die Hard game (Nakatomi Plaza) using the Shadow Complex engine. :D

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I really hope this turns out well because in concept it sounds great.

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@SunKing said:
" Dude, this just blew my mind: A Die Hard game (Nakatomi Plaza) using the Shadow Complex engine. :D "
that would be sweet. i would buy it
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The speed run crowd huh, some one should be catering to the endurance run crowd.

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This game looks great! That one part of the interview exposes an oddity: Shadow Complex was easy to pitch because everyone loves Super Metroid and that kind of game, but there aren't any out there aside from the DS Castlevania we got last year and the one that came out two years before that. This is one genre that just about everyone loves but almost no one makes more of. Weird.

It's been five years since the last Metroid game. It's way overdue for Nintendo to put the license to use. The Prime games were their own thing, and the one thing we know about Other M (aside from it having the worst subtitle in the history of anything) is that it's a linear, story-based action game seamlessly switching between 2D action, 3D platforming, first-person-shooting, and quicktime events -- so, also its own thing. I'm not saying the Primes weren't fun or Other M won't be, I'm just pointing out how the Metroid brand continues to survive in incarnations that don't at all resemble what it was when it made people care about the franchise and remember the name.

The DS is getting long in the tooth; we're at its third redesign now; and still no Metroid game? Wiiware comes along, and nothing Metroid there, either, let alone an all-out retail Metroid (the preferred method, actually). With Nintendo leaving money on the table like that, I am certainly glad someone stepped up to deliver this kind of experience. And while I loved the small handful of Metroids and Castlevanias we've been given in the last seven years, I have to say, I'm so excited to be able to play Shadow Complex on a screen bigger than three inches, with a comfortable controller in my hands, and that the game will look and sound like a modern game.

I don't want to encourage anyone to raise their prices, but based on what I've seen and heard of this game, I'd pay $60 for it, no problem.

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Flashback xbox arcade would be awesome too

Looking forward to Shadow Complex

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This game will be awesome.

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First day purchase for me. I went and ordered a bunch of point cards off of amazon for real cheap. I'm soooo ready for the summer of arcade! BRING IT!!!

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I like Brad's sly humour, "The Big Cheese?".. his name's Donald Mustard. lol
And his game is looking very tasty ^_^ I might have a bite

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This game makes me excited.  I should actually go play that Castlevania game that I bought for my DS...

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Sounds promising.

(Is that the Area 5 guys in the background?)

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its probably my favorite style of gaming!! i love it i can't wait to playyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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This just makes it more likely for there to be an awesome Blackthorn comeback in my future. Huzah!

Shadow Complex should totally be made available on PSN asap. No one should be denied the possible second-coming of side-scroller action.
Oh, and someone please reanimate Lorne Lanning while we're on the subject. Just twist the little knob bellow the I.V. marked "Ego". He'll spring right back.
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Looks extremely interesting.

Hope they release more footage of it.

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@gamefreak9: Please .... dont post if you don't have anything interesting to say
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@creamclouds said:
" I like Brad's sly humour, "The Big Cheese?".. his name's Donald Mustard. lolAnd his game is looking very tasty ^_^ I might have a bite "
He should have called him Colonel Mustard.
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@DukeTogo said:
@creamclouds said:
" I like Brad's sly humour, "The Big Cheese?".. his name's Donald Mustard. lolAnd his game is looking very tasty ^_^ I might have a bite "
He should have called him Colonel Mustard. "
And here's something more interesting. Did you notice Brad seems to have a Musical Note on his left side-burn? If you pause at the right time, you can see it clearly.
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@turbomonkey138: dont u think thats hypocritical? since u have no contribution at all? meh is like saying seems okay... it is a comment. 
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This game looks rad!