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Seems interesting, i await more news

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As long as this is on UMD I'm so getting this!

Posted by Rewcastle

Finally explains Big Boss's face on the Kojima website then. Very very interesting - with one minor drawback. It's on the psp

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Awesome, story sounds super intriguing, I just hope the gameplay is traditional MGS as well

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Is it wrong that I'm excited by this, but disappointed by the announcement of MGS Rising?

Looks very good. I hope it fleshes out the sketchy aspects of the series' storyline between MGS3/PO and MG/MG2.

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AWESOME can't wait for this! Shame it's not on ps3 but I don't mind too much

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this a PS2 exclusive?

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Another MGS game?
ReTarDedfisHy is sold. :D

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@dankempster said:
" Is it wrong that I'm excited by this, but disappointed by the announcement of MGS Rising? "
No, because I feel the same way.

In any case I can't wait for this MG. Looks amazing.
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Warriors without Borders? :)

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Looks awesome, all these new Psp games are making me consider buying a PSP Go, hmmm.

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Looks like a Portable Ops sequal to me. And thats a very good thing. The original was one of the best PSP games around

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Fucking awesome, looks like I'll have more reason to get a new PSP then just for Dissidia.

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Looks awesome. Bring on Big Boss.

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A peaceful guy walking?

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looks really good, cant wait to hear more about the game.

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If this is good I may think about getting a PSP!!!!

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for a second i was like. "WOAH 4 Big Boss?!" Then I thought, wait..... and then I laughed.

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2snakes1box.... TWOsnakesONEbox!!?!1

And ewwwww what suspicious thing did the guard find on the floor afterwards? wait... I DONT want to know that :|

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For some reason, during the press conference i was kinda.....so so about this anouncement.
But as time passes and I think about it - im damn hell pumped for this game. I will most certainly get a PSP for this.
oh and MGS RISING is NOT a 360 exclusive, as someone mentioned. Not that it matters, it'll be just as good on both consoles. For some reason, the idea of the 'raiden' series being my xbox MGS and snake satying my PS MGS seems right........ which of course, makes no sense.

anyway. rant.

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That's it, I have to buy a PSP now.

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2 guys, one box