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Posted by ThunderSlash

 Not entirely sold on this yet...

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YES! I have been waiting for the video for this to come out since I missed the confrence. 
I'm in it for the single player, don't care for the multiplayer at all, unless there is co-op in the story...

Posted by Nasos100

nice one

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I really loved this demo. Seeing the villa destroyed was really crazy and mario shot really got to me, I spent my hard earned time and money creating the villa and seeing it crashing down was insane. Great demo, i am excited about the game.
One thing I would have liked to know is if desmond plays any part and length of the game.

Posted by salad10203

I used to like Mchale but he was such an asshole during the Ubi conference

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I would have liked the sub title to be Advanced Horsefighter.

Posted by WWWackyson

The "joke" at the end was almost painful to watch.
The game looks pretty impressive, though.

Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame

Okay, if they fixed the fighting, then I might be interested in this. That's some familiar screen tearing though.

Posted by Jumbs

If there's no bad PC DRM, I'll get it.

Posted by VoshiNova

Please no PC drm

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"Advanced Horse Fighting." Awesome. 
Also, I'm really hoping to see Assassin's Creed move into an 1800s Victorian theme. Too much to ask?

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Looks awesome. 
EDIT:  And what the hell is Joel McHale doing there?  Love him, but I don't get it.

Posted by buhssuht

i wonder if the saved file from AC2 actually affects this game

Posted by steelknight2000

Dude, that's not how you load a cannon...

Posted by Slab64

joel mchale = giant facepalm

Posted by eternitymemory

Damn it, and I spent so much time pimping out the town, too. D : 
I really dug ACII, so I will definitely be looking into this.

Posted by jim_dandy

Also why Joel McHale. Why.

Posted by dantheman1515

Fucking Templars! How can I not play this game. I'm glad they are simply adding to the universe with the same engine before the 3rd game.

Posted by Jedted
@DrPockets000: Joel McHale was the host of the Ubisoft confrence. 
Posted by Cramsy

Looking very good. This is kind of like new vegas? In same engine just more stuff ?

Posted by RobertFoster
@eternitymemory said:
" Damn it, and I spent so much time pimping out the town, too. D : "
That's exactly what I thought watching the video! All my florins going to waste! :D
Posted by mewarmo990

Anyone else having audio sync problems?

Posted by LucyGlitter

From a girls perspective: Wow, Ezio got hot. 

Posted by HarrySound

Why would have a beta and then only have it on 1 platform.......O right yeh, it's a demo.
Posted by DSTV

i think this might actually be better than 2

Posted by Jambones

Tom Clancy's Advanced Horse Fighter?

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Horsie, NO! D=
Posted by Thejugglingbum

And then fuckin Jeff Winger comes out?

Posted by Grixxel

Man after I put all that money into the villa!

Posted by MarkWahlberg

They do not need that many dudes to lay siege to the villa. Talk about overkill.

Posted by MeatSim

Man I forgot how weird the ending of Assassin Creed 2 was they gonna mention any of that in this game?

Posted by RedRocketWestie

If it adds to the main (Desmond) story at all, I'll pretty much have to get it. So I kind of hope it doesn't, so I can miss it. ACII was fun, but I don't know that I need more, or multiplayer.

Posted by Winterwolf79

Looks great. At least they aren't skimping on the single player.

Posted by Evilsbane

Looks fantastic cannot wait!

Posted by fillmoejoe

I'm more curious to see the multiplayer.

Posted by Snail

How does that guy have the apple?

Posted by TanoXII

Will definately add it to the Gamefly queue

Posted by DrBobUK

I want to assassinate Borga's bitch @ 06:51
That should hurt him pretty hard for what he's done.

Posted by theredcoat24

oh Joel, why :(, though the games was like awesometastic 

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@salad10203 said:

" I used to like Mchale but he was such an asshole during the Ubi conference "

Oh, come on. Like any of us wouldn't make fun of the laser tag battle? 
"Congratulations, you won! You beat.... models." 
Whenever he was off-script, I think he did a great job reflecting what we were all feeling during some of those awful presentations. The breathing-sim for instance.
Posted by Capum15
@Snail said:
" How does that guy have the apple? "
Near the beginning, Ezio told Mario to "Keep it safe", indicating Mario had it (since he was front-line fighting).
Anyway, that looked awesome, and as much as losing my pimped-out villa sucks, I will be buying this.
Posted by ominousbedroom

I'm in the process of beating AC I and haven't played AC 2 yet, but I'm guessing I shouldn't invest too much in villas. How about gold?

Posted by Ratfoot

Not sure if I'm down with this BROTHERhood

Posted by drumpsycho89
@ThunderSlash: yeh me to! i dont like the sound of a assassins creed multiplayer game
Posted by Bludgeoner86

Where's  Jade Raymond?

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That was an awesome gameplay demo.  I am a huge Assassin's Creed II fan, because in my opinion Ezio Auditore Da Firenze ( I hope I spelled that right) was a very likable and charismatic guy in that game.  Looks like he hasn't lost his taste for beautiful women, also. 
I am so going to buy this when it comes out in November!.

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hey why did he leave altairs armour does he fight to get it back in brotherhood or leave it also the multiplayer would they be including a multiplay tdm or something like that or all ffa and are horses gonna be able to hold 2 people also will there be a co-op srry for all the questions imma just so eager to get it the closest place i could get it is from my dad over the mail or go 3 and a half hours to a city to get it so tryin answer these questions please.