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oh man...

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I'm slightly confused..

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Game of the E3!!!

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Fuck.  Yeah.
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oh god, i'd SO embarrassed to do that front of thousands of people even if I were to get paid.

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did I fall asleep for the last 20 years? laser tag?
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Really... really...

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Hahhahaha omg imagine if everyone just wore these everywhere because a laser tag war could break out ANYWHERE!
And this was cringe worthy lol

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Stopped it at 29 seconds in, so damn embarrassing!

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I'm not sure I understand. Or rather, I understand but this is incredibly dumb.

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Man, the host sounded real sincere when he said "Go bury yourself"

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Even the mastery of Joel McHale can not make this stupid fucking game happen...

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This = fun at the work place.

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"Oh, alright. Uh, it's attractive people running around.Um well, jeez."

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Keeping PC gaming alive....

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I love how Joel Mchale at the beginning really has no idea what is going on and is probably acting the same way many people in the crowd were, esentially a big WTF!? moment 

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I stopped after about 1 minute, did they clarify later on how this is any good for people who don't have a movie theater for a gaming room? Will you be able to use it in your backyard or something?

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In these types of things, I always feel really bad for the spokesperson that fits the role Gael here fits in, because you can tell they really earnestly believe in this thing, but you just wanna tell them.......DUDE,WHAT.

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hahahahaha i'm so sad i missed this live

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Not a video game.

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Welcome to 1980s.

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so its just laser tag and has nothing to do with video games.. okay.

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the hell?

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i hope this fails just to make sure more don't follow in their footsteps

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I dunno why everyone's so negative about this. I'm not going to buy it but for lazer tag that looks pretty rad and the PC stat thing is nifty.
All in all this is a good product but this was probably the wrong trade show to demo it at.

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This is one of those things that would be amazingly fun if you had other friends that were into it.  Unfortunately I don't have any friends at all............

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Badly thought out presentation for a badly thought out game.

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This looks pretty damn silly.

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God that was so awfully scripted.

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Man never underestimate the capacity of videogame fans to hate on things. I really hope this guy doesn't get a huge amount of negative press for this because if he shows it at some toy trade show I'm sure it would be a huge success.

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Joel McHale from Community... What did I just watch...

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There you go Ubisoft, my retarded reaction to your retarded show.

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Man this was awkward.  Every year E3 convinces me just a little more to never attend.  The jaded complaints of Giantbomb and 1up makes more sense now.
Laser tag?  No.  This isn't the dot-com era, let's be a little less crazy with our venture capital, okay?  I just finished watching the finale of Breaking Bad season 3, and it specifically went out of its way to make fun of laser tag, and with good reason. 

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I just want to know how Joel McHale got into this thing with Ubisoft. I mean he was their dude last year too. So whats up with that?

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Laser tag is a pretty good alternative to giving 11 year olds paintball guns but it probably wasn't the best idea to show it to a bunch of neckbeards who probably only go outside to buy more code red.   
It's also a terrible idea to then try and convince said neckbeards that this is just as fun as their console fps's and not a fun toy for children.

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@beeryayghost:  hes actually hosting a lot of different companies games this year. and hes a funny dude.
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@Gorehorn: They said you could use it where ever, and the computer would be able to keep track, but it didn't really say how.
Looks to be some kind of device that they used as a target that could be used to store the game mode information, kills/deaths, etc. Either that or it stores the information in the guns :S
All in all, they could have spent less time running around and more time explaining it.