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A winner is me.

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Look at the puppie!

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It's the wii lady!

It's the 3DS cheesecake squad!

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Smiles! Glad to see them at their roots

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Man... that smile, that enthusiasm.  Truly, she represents Nintendo.

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Wii mom is lookin' good.

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Holy crap, did she get less annoying or is it just me?

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Glad she wasn't on stage...

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@SumDeus said:
" Holy crap, did she get less annoying or is it just me? "
In interviews, she has always appeared smart and, well, enjoyable to listen to.  I think it's just at the conference that she's annoying or makes me feel awkward.
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Why her.

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Brad totally hit that.
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You know, Cammie seems pretty genuine and down-to-earth for a marketing guy. Brad doing what he does best here. Great interview.

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Brad's voice seems to have cooled her out.

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"You are now carrying my child." 
"But how?" 
"It is the mystery of the Shoemaker."

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She never stops smiling.

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That woman is....positive?
I mean that in as good a way as possible by the way.

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Surprised she wasn't part of the Press Conference this year. She tends to get to try and sell the stuff that hardcore gamers tend to take as a personal affront to their livelihood. There wasn't too much of that this year I guess. Wii Party is probably the only thing she could present this year. 

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Wow, this is a much better Cammie Dunaway than we are used too. Nice job Brad!

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Cammie, mah grl.  Sad to not see her in the stage.

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This Cammie is human, or is she just the likeable construct?

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She wants Brad

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she seems better at interviews than on-stage presenting. let's leave that to Reggie.

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Lol. "Yeah we had 100 uhmm,... what's the nice word for whores again?..."

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This lady knows her stuff.
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Brad grab your coat, you have pulled.

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Man. Brad is a capital P pimp. Turning soccer moms into super fine, respectable ladies.
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...so badly that she wants the camera off.
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She looks younger with the longer hair.

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Brad: Male Gigolo ...<insert>...
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Awesome interview. She came across as quite genuine and knowledgeable. 

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YEAH BRAD! Charming the info out of PR people as usual!

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brad the man <>

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Brad Shoemaker: Ladykiller.

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She is lost in Brad's eyes.

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She'd hit that.

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Cammie's falling into her role much better with a couple years under her belt.

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damn she ran right over brad, brad is a good interviewer, but cammy's marketing level is far superior.

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The Shoemaker charm working its magic again. Good info about the DS at the end too, good interview.

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Great interview, Brad.
I think Cammie is just a poor public speaker. My only real problems with her are when she gets up on stage and comes off as such a boof. One on one, she seems to handle herself a lot better.

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Oh man, she is staring into his soul.  He should have a go on her wii.

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Nice interview!

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I wonder if she's a maverick.