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Ed Boon is fucking awesome

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Ed Boon, making Gore awesome!

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Heh. Name dropping Street Fighter. Not at all surprised, Mr Boon.

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Ed Boon is the man. And this game looks fantastic.

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Awesome interview. 

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lol Stryker

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Ed @OroJackson said:


Ed Boon is fucking awesome

Yeah, the dude seems like, well, a super-awesome dude. 

Damn, I didn't know he was the voice of Scorpion.

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Ed Boon such a cool guy.

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There was a time when I thought that I'd never be spending full price on day 01 for a fighting game ever again and then *poof* Street Fighter IV and now this. My $60 will be seeing you next Spring Mr. Boon.

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Can't wait for the game.  
Gotta say, there are a LOT of characters I'd love to see again.  Stryker, Smoke, Ermac, Rain...  but show some love to Kenshi as well!  Out of all the new-era MK characters, he is absolutely one of the standouts.

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Wow great interview!

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Fatality meetings?
Fatality meetings?!
It's nice to hear a dev taking like a normal person for once.

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Great interview, he seems like a really cool guy

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Yeah Mortal Kombat was my best game of the show. 

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Ed Boom is an awesome person, I'd love to meet him and talk about dismemberment of the human body all day long.

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It's nice to know that all those GET OVER HEREs are being properly rewarded. n_n

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I wonder if Boon is truly happy having made nothing but MK for so long. It seems like it, and if he is that's freakin' awesome. 
But I wish Jeff would have brought it up.

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Jeff, Boon= Awesome Bombcast!

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@Orion645 said:
" Fatality meetings? Fatality meetings?! Awesome.  It's nice to hear a dev taking like a normal person for once. "
Ed Boon: No no, we need a LOT more blood than that, and he has to be angrier about ripping his spine out.
Man: Well I don't think so, I think we're already pushing it on the blood on this character, and why does he have to be angry about it? Why can't he just rip it out and be done with it?
*flips over table*
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Boon is just the freaking man...I am soooooooooo psyched for this game.  I'm glad I've been a die-hard Mortal Kombat lover since the beginning...through EVERYTHING...hehe.
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We had discussions about.. you know,  "So what can we do with gore?"

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Nice to see Ed Boon. Really looking forward to this next Mortal Kombat.

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I'm jealous of the eyebrows.
Loves me some MK, for me it's:
2. Killer Instinct (I still play it, no lie, on Mame)
3. Street Fighter

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Did they edit a Brad photobomb in at 3:16? TOASTY!


That was great

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Ed Boon is always awsome and nice. Gotta say like another 1 said here. Very rare that i shell out money day 1 for fighting games. But SSF4 did it, and now MK will aswell. Cant wait to find out more. Personaly i would love for the animality to return aswell :) 
Btw: Great interview Jeff.
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Great stuff. The Legend interviewing The Legend.

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2011 is already jam packed with awesome.  great time to be a gamer. 

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i want to go to a fatality meeting!

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Wish this could have been, like,  40 minutes long. Man.

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Awesome interview Jeff. I'm just curious, have they said anything about having a storyline mode or anything like that? I know they want to have a great mutiplayer aspect but I'd love to see a sort of Twisted Metal Black style storyline with character introductions and such.

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*innocently drinks coke* 

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" I wonder if Boon is truly happy having made nothing but MK for so long. It seems like it, and if he is that's freakin' awesome.  But I wish Jeff would have brought it up. "

I remember someone asking him that in an interview when MK vs. DC came out. I don't recall the the site it was at. I think he said he enjoys it due to having vacations between them so it doesn't feel like thats all he does.
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game looks great and would love to see Ed Boon on a podcast again 

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Following Ed Boon on twitter you get this feeling that after all this time he still absolutely loves what he does and he has never lost faith in the fighting genre.

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Ed Boon really is a class act; glad MK is getting back to its roots and garnering some mainstream attention again.

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Word, Ed Boon world record holder! GET OVER HERE!

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That was an awesome interview. Ed Boon is Mortal Kombat.

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That x-ray thing was in the awful Fight Club game.. game looks crazy though

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Ed Boon is the man.

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DLC character from the start?
I'm guessing balancing isn't an issue for the development... Then again MK isn't a competitive 2d Fighter so it doesn't really matter I suppose.

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Ed Boon is awesome, I am so happy to see him back and making a new MK.

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Ed Boon can conduct an interview.

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Ed Boon is just the man.