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Yo nice 
Edit: Don't blame the player, blame the annoying first comment quest game, trick.

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Gears with stabbin' instead of slicin'

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Gears is still gears

Posted by RE_Player1

looks like gears...

Posted by buhssuht

more chicks!!

Posted by Ashuku


Posted by Damolition

They looks slimmed down, must have been training with zumba.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Best thing I've seen at E3 so far probably.

Posted by Yummylee

Seems like the roadie run gets faster every Gear sequel.

Posted by afrokola

God damn this looks good!

Posted by CaptainFish

Is that some strategic dismemberment that I spy? Along with necromorph style tentacles everywhere? Tsk. Still looks cool though.

Posted by LifeJuice

god their banter sounds so forced

Posted by chronicsmoke

You cant go wrong with more gears!

Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame

That's definitely some Gears of War.

Posted by PjotrLeschenko
@Damolition said:
" They looks slimmed down, must have been training with zumba. "
Posted by Yzzerdd

Unreal Engine 3 Forest is one of my least favorite areas in any game, The E3 Demo of GOW2 was nuts this demo just looks like kill-room number 6

Posted by Delta_Ass

I guess Epic finally discovered that people do like to have some sort of crosshair present when not zooming in with left trigger.

Posted by CornBREDX

I love GoW games so I'm already gonna get it. Looks neat though, alot more new stuff... and some co-op fun. Looks fun like always.
Posted by Shibbles

New meaning to breast plates.

Posted by Metiphis

Hmmm stabby

Posted by LiquidPrince

I like! I want!

Posted by DjRich

Cain. Saw.
And thanks to the top men for fixing the site
*cough* Dave *cough*

Posted by Niccoles


Posted by LiquidSwords

FTW! Can't wait!

Posted by gla55jAw


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Yeee-uhhhh. Looks the same as Gears of War 2... Woo hoo? No, this looks great. They brought back the Berserkers :D.
Posted by Capum15

Holy hell, that looked awesome.

Posted by CarpeDeezNuts

War never changes......especially when your fighting locusts

Posted by JoelTGM

You almost fooled me, but that's not Gears.  There are trees there! 

Posted by Vaancor

Looks hot! Loving how it somewhat looks like they're using strategy.

Posted by Kajaah117
@LifeJuice said:
" god their banter sounds so forced "
That's the MS conference in a nutshell. "Look at that water! We can go anywhere! Wooooo!" 
And yup, that's some Gears-ass looking Gears footage. I don't know why, but I've lost interest in this series almost completely. Hopefully a few minutes of playing this will fix that.
Posted by TackleMeElmo


Posted by Seedofpower

Is the story good in this series?

Posted by MonetaryDread

Damn, I guess I have to finish GOW 2 now.

Posted by FunExplosions

I love how those guys are over there pretending to be way into the action when Cliffy B is standing over to the side doing all the work.

Looks like he wants to kill them.
And that's coming from someone who's usually pretty annoyed by Mr. Cliff B.
Posted by Raidou10k

Looks like good ol' Gears. 

Posted by Napalm

I approve.

Posted by Rasgueado

So... they gave tentacles to a berserker.  
Hate scripted banter. "Hey... is that all of 'em?"  I mean... fuck off. 

Posted by MaddProdigy

Same ol' awsome Gears of War. Deffinitely buying this

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Dear Epic,  
 your game looks nice but for god's sake hire the giantbomb crew to do any gameplay banter in the future. 
never heard such forced chatter from people who didn't want to be there in my life.  
your other option is to do less pretending that you're all game playing friends and describe whats happening in the game with more honesty. your audience will appreciate it.

@Seedofpower said:

" Is the story good in this series? "

Not particularly.  There's stuff in the other games about Marcus' dad, and this game will finally go into it.  Where Gears shines is its memorable characters.   
Posted by Kajaah117
@FunExplosions: Cliff is a cool dude. His ubiquity can be a little annoying sometimes, but he knows how to sell his product, has great charisma and stage presence, and he's the kind of guy that's not afraid to wear a unicorn shirt or even a full bunny suit
Question: Is that Tina Wood from TechTV playing as the female COG?! o_O
Posted by Crono
@Rasgueado said:  
Hate scripted banter. "Hey... is that all of 'em?"  I mean... fuck off.  "
That said, I still can't wait to play this game.  Gears story may be "meh" but its a great on-the-couch-with-some-buds kind of game.
Posted by Catarrhal

Ice-T is conspicuously absent from this footage. 

" Is the story good in this series? "
No, narrative has never been the point of this series.
Posted by Besetment

Yeah, looks like gears of war. I guess I shouldn't expect to be shown any cool new gameplay mechanics in a live demo, but. . .wait. No, no I SHOULD expect to be shown cool new gameplay mechanics in a live demo. Less pretending to be like xbox live chat and more showing us why we should play GoW3, thanks.

Posted by MiamiRedHawks


Posted by freakin

As much as I loved Gears 1 and Gears 2, I think I'm finally suffering from franchise exhaustion with this series.  What used to thrill me about this game just doesn't do it for me anymore.  And I'm not particularly compelled by the storyline thus far.

Posted by YukoAsho
@Catarrhal:  Says you.  I've LOVED the Gears story so far.
Posted by IClavdivs
@Rasgueado said:  
Hate scripted banter. "Hey... is that all of 'em?"  I mean... fuck off.  "
I hear you. It totally pulled me out of enthrallment every time they did that.
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