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Posted by Quipido


Posted by CaptainFish

Worst thing ever. The actors not the game. The game is meh.

Posted by MeatSim

I am a good actor! aren't I?

Posted by CouncilSpectre

I watched this with the sound turned all the way down.
Posted by Babylonian


Posted by Rewcastle

Look at the water!                                  They can go anywhere!

Posted by the_gallo

They are freaking out about this like they are experiencing video games for the first time, they're like people who saw motion pictures for the first time.

Posted by hwy_61
@Popogeejo said:
" Yo Shannon, let's hit that big-ass ramp! "
Posted by natetodamax

Oh my.....

Posted by LucyGlitter

Fake audience cheers. Poor actors being told to be complete idiots.

Posted by PNut_Buttr_Panda


Posted by Nilazz

So wait, Forza 4 was the only "normal" game they showed with kinect?
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