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Posted by thenexus

Dam you, lol

Posted by ip007

This seems so contrived. Meh..

Posted by Sil3n7

More like look at the stupid actors...

Posted by thenexus

Actors playing games at shows always annoys me. They get shown how to play the game days or even hours before the event and then a loose script and off they go. 
To you and me it looks SOOOOO Bad but to the lame Joe Consumer it works :(

Posted by D

I will show u some awesome photo's of me giving you the bird.

Posted by gosukiller

We can go anywhere!!

Posted by cocabis

yo fifty! hit that big ass ramp!

Edited by Kajaah117

These two plus the Joyride chick are by far my favorite actors so far. So awkward...  
@gosukiller said:

" We can go anywhere!! "
... within this 20-foot space between the canyon walls because the game is on rails! 
Not that on-rails games are bad, but who's idea was it to apply the "we can go anywhere" dialog to this game?
Posted by Spinx

God help me! 

Posted by ThePantheon
@mircica: you're amazing. i hope that EXISTS WITH KINECT.
Posted by Jertje
@mircica: Coffee... on screen :D
Posted by Addfwyn

They look just about as stupid as I expect most people playing kinect games to look. 
I guess it's probably more marketed towards kids though, maybe I can see my nephew enjoying this, but i don't think he has the attention span.

Posted by GioVANNI

Look at the water!

Posted by RoujinX

The Wii60...?
Posted by eagleon

Yay now more little kids with squeaky voices will have a reason to play xbox.

Posted by skrutop

Why is it when someone develops a new gimmick, they always throw the same few games at it?

Posted by Krendol

I am soooooo not interested in Natal or kinetec or whatever. This only confirms this.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

The line that stood out for me was "We can go ANYWHERE!"

Posted by beatlebrainiac

After watching all these Kinect videos, I finally understand what everyone was talking about when they called the Microsoft E3 conference an embarrassment. Now we just need a clip compilation on youtube.


more kinect games

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

I guess it will be a good year for my 360 saving a good amount of cash since Id rather entertain myself with android apps then with any of this crap.

Posted by Hef

You know, i thought that Kinect would be better than Move because it has a lot more potential, but at least when they announced Move it actually worked with real games.  Not just skittles, bad overacting and a wii sports clone.

Posted by dudeglove

Well BAM!

Posted by JoeyRavn

If the Wii's just a gimmick, then I don't know how to call this.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

All of this stuff just made me cringe last night.

Posted by rajkosto

this looks like  Lincoln Force

Posted by Dirty_Harry

yes, this is what us gamers want!

Posted by 34wsdfsdfwe

that is putrid.

Posted by CharkeeFarlee

*repeatedly smacks face off keyboard*

Posted by twelve1784

They shouldn't have let those two talk while playing.

Posted by Oni

No thank you!

Posted by Absurd

What is with these people?

Posted by mightymightyme

These two make me cringe more than Jack Trenton.

Posted by myslead

oh god

Posted by SyntheticCFM

This girl must've been payed per scream

Edited by uncharted

is this a joke? I mean it isn't funny but is this a joke?
Posted by DjRich

OMG yeah! It's like a cheap porno

Posted by SquallLeonhart

sooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

Posted by kalles0ee

Are those two supposed to be having fun?...SHIEEEEEEEEEEET!
Posted by Crono
@CharkeeFarlee said:
" *repeatedly smacks face off keyboard* "
Kinect might be right up your alley!  No keyboard so you can avoid the face smashing injuries.
Posted by kuma17

Why, oh, why do marketing people think this sells?  

Posted by kapowi


Posted by Ghostiet


This shit could only be worse if Jessica Chobot came up and said: "IT'S EPIC! EPIC FOR THE WIIIINNN!" after that line.

Edited by Popogeejo

Yo Shannon, let's hit that big-ass ramp!

Edited by Piranesi

A little bit confused, a little bit embarrased and a little bit sad ...
Posted by EightBitShik

Those girls were loud and annoying. 

Posted by karshalpha

Your girlfriend will totally get into Uncharted after this rafting experience... Connect is the perfect gateway peripheral! (joining/starting the revolution to refer to the new peripheral using Real English <tm>).

Posted by sunsethuman

And why do they have to use females for this again? Oh, I forgot, because in the eyes of gamer culture, girls are "casual gamers" who only enjoy shit like this. LOOK AT THE WATERRRR! Christ on a fucking bicycle, I expected more from the Kinect... wait no I didn't.

Posted by Connelo

WOOOO!! YEAAAH! Those women are awful.

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