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Game looks interesting, liking the created stuff.

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Still think Carrot Top every time I see this guy!
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Still waiting for Shaun White Rocket Jet.

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Is there an option in the game to not play as Shaun White
other than that game looks cool

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Shaun White: Railmancer. 

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Gingers don't have souls.

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Looks interesting but I still don't think it'll be very good. The build mechanic is pretty nuts but the game just doesn't look like it will be all that fun. After Skate, I can't go back.

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This is something that Tony Hawk should've explored. It really takes that gameplay and just adds twists that are great.

Just let me play as Kareem Campbell. And Rodney Mullen. That dude has sweet manuals.

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Why don't they grind air in real life with skateboards?

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And then there were  3 skateboard games ..

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Wo! Dumb haircut, man.

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I really enjoyed skate., but this looks super unappealing. 

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So I am a little confused on the controls. The dude said they were layered, and then went on to explain how you can basically hit "x" and your skater does a random trick. He then went on to say that if you wanted to, you can just put in the correct combo to pull specific tricks off. 
So does this mean that there aren't two separate control schemes what what he meant by layered was that you can play the game this way, but if you really wanted to you can hit some extra buttons to get some extra meter magic. 
This has me worried about the game as a whole. Aside from getting more flow, is there more incentive to learn a more complicated control scheme rather than just mash your way through the game? 
Other than my control issue, the rail sculpting mechanic seems exciting. It looks like it makes for a little easier way to get around and explore in a much timelier fashion rather than trial and error attempts to get to that last tricky spot. 
I sure wish you can at least put a hat on Mr. White's head.

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Waiting for Shaun White Wakeboarding.

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What is it with games now and this whole "bring color to the world" thing.  The Saboteur, DeBlob, Epic Mickey, and now this.

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@SumDeus: Don't forget Prince of Persia and Okami.
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So Shawn White can do tricks on anything that has the word board in it?

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doesnt look that good but then again it will probably better polished by release

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I think the design process for this game involved illegal substances.

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@I_love_Eva_Braun said:
" Is there an option in the game to not play as Shaun White  other than that game looks cool "
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Cool dialogs? That´s not what I play skateboard games for..
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the dudes voice is gone hahaha just like all the rest.

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This doesn't look very good at all.

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@blaakmawf said:
" Pine-acle. "
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Eh, sounds super mediocre.

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Looks good but if you're not able to get off the board I am not interested.

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I'll just buy skate 3. Cool concept though.