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Dammit. >:|

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So close.

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Well I actually have to say something ABOUT the video. I enjoyed the original SOCOM on the ps3 more than I expected and am looking forward to 4, hopefully it will WORK DAY 1

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I think all this KZ3/Socom4 online stuff is probably going to be what does or doesn't sell the Move to "core" gamers.  If all the best guys are using Moves people will want one, if they are using DS3 then people might write it off.

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SOCOM 2 on the PS2 was one of my first multiplayer games, I loved it. But the releases since then have been sort of sub par. Hopefully they make good on this one.

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That Zipper guy seemed so enthusiastic...

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blah blah  
hurry up and release multiplayer info

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See, this is one of the reasons why I would get move over kinect hands down, games.  Move will actually support hardcore games that I would play, kinect doesn't, kinect has me flailing my hands around like a retard.   
I personally do not like motion controls in general but I'll choose move over kinect any day.

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@Surkov said:
" That Zipper guy seemed so enthusiastic...   "
Nothing wrong with acting like a normal human being during an interview.  As long as the person can speak clearly I don't care.
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" That Zipper guy seemed so enthusiastic...   "
well you try spending 12 hours a day for 4 days and keep your enthusiasm. 
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" That Zipper guy seemed so enthusiastic...   "
yeahhhh.....or maybe hes just tired (omg what a shocker!)?
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Never played Socom game, but i want to play it cuz of single player, dont care about MP, i know weird.

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Socom Online stole my years as a teenager...

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Damn, this guy walks the PR line through this entire interview.  
The games looks good, but I hate the robotic and predictable talk out of this fellow.
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Oh no! Look at that gameplay in the background! They're turning SOCOM into Ghost Recon! 
I think I'm about to cry :'(

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That guy stole James Hetfield's facia/head hair!

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What's the point of even showing SOCOM if you're not going to show the multiplayer?

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@randiolo: He should be able to if that's his job.
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the multiplayer is going to outstanding and you can bet your ass its going to run smooth as fuck since they made MAG
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Super evasive about the Move.
I believe he was pretty much told by PR he could not say one type of controller was superior to the other period. Saying Move would not fare so well in multiplayer would not sit well with Sony at all and saying Move would be better would have people bitching left and right about having to buy it to stay competitive. So obviously he took the middle ground and just said he didn't have a preference.

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Yeah, I'm really wondering what they're going to do about it.

If you've seen Resident Evil 5 for Move, they showed that off last E3 I think, and the Move cursor is displayed at ALL times.  Without the move, you have to aim first and adjust your laser sight after you hold L1 to aim, but with the move, you're pressing the two simultaneously.

It looks like Move has the advantage in that game, at least.
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Oh my.

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i never played a socom game because im usually not into multiplayer, but this is a third person game correct? So a third person multiplayer game, thats kinda cool, I actually prefer third person to first person these days. If the single player is at least the usual 8 hours most shooters are these days, I might give this a look

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oh no he didn't
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I can already tell they've ruined SOCOM. I remember a stealth based game focusing on realism, not a COD wannabe where you can eat bullets and heal like Wolverine whenever you take cover.

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I don't have water where is my water?

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"I like both control schemes equally."
"There are no balance issues with Move.  There were no hurdles.  It's fun."
*Evades question about squad commands with Move - answers different question entirely*
*Doesn't answer question about multiplayer modes - multiplayer will be good.*
Seriously, fuck this cozy media / industry dynamic.  The guy has basically just sat there and read the back of the box - and even managed to make that seem like hard work.

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@commodore64: I think you're full of shit. I've owned all of the SOCOM games. Great games, but everything must evolve, and saying that a third person tactical shooter is trying to be like a first person shooter? What the hell are you talking about?
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bad interview
and this game looks like the most casual Socom game ever, watch some footage of the early ones and watch this, this looks dumbed dumb as f***

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is Spectre, Jester, Wardog, and Vandall  in this? but more importantly are they voiced by the same actors?

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what the bone?! Maaaaaan, poor Jeff. I'm feelin shit you had to sit through that interview man. Rough times.