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Posted by PaulM


Posted by Dany

He was on Gamespot right? When did he leave?

Posted by wolf_blitzer85


Posted by metalsnakezero

Greg, the russian man motherfuckers!

Posted by Scooper


Posted by FoxMulder

He left at the beginning of 07 wayy before Jeff's problems happened.

Posted by Steve_Ramirez

Love this guy!

Posted by Aarny91

Greg is the man.

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Edited by KnifeySpoony

I hope they have him on the podcast as a guest soon, awesome guy. Isn't he at 2K Marin?

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

I've been waiting for this interview to drop since they mentioned recording it. 
I miss Greg's reviews so much, but I'm happy to see him getting to work on games. Fingers crossed this game turns out well.

Posted by jakob187

Greg's such a badass!  I really really really REALLY want to play Spec Ops: The Line.  I like that they've taken this long-standing IP, turned it around, and are trying to make something out of it.  The direction it's taking so far looks amazing, and after what Brad had to say about the game, I just can't wait. 
Put me in that closed beta, Greg, and I'll give you more feedback than you'll ever want to hear.

Posted by Carcharias

Would love to see Greg on the bombcast sometime.

Posted by Lilarcor
@KnifeySpoony: He's just at 2K Games' general publishing arm in Novato, I believe. This particular game is being developed in Germany, so he's definitely not at 2K Marin.
Posted by Kraznor

Rather looking forward to this one. So, there is no way into this beta whatsoever?

Posted by Capum15

Great interview, really interested in how this game turns out.

Posted by ImHungryx10

Anything related to Heart of Darkness I'm on board. This seems like a hell of a game.

Posted by masternater27
@KnifeySpoony said:
" I hope they have him on the podcast as a guest soon, awesome guy. Isn't he at 2K Marin? "
I believe he's actually just at the publisher 2K.  Kinda like a merc within 2k, but I could be wrong.
Posted by dillinger

greg kasavin is one of the few additions to giant bomb i would ever accept (not like i have a choice), however i realize this will never happen. 
his reviews are certainly on par with those of the giant bomb crew.  glad to see he is doing well

Posted by Panpipe

Yet again Brad starts a video with "E3 RAGES ON!"

Posted by Arne


Posted by Catarrhal

Greg Kasavin never makes mistakes.

Posted by chilipeppersman

yeee this game looks dope. Gregs a chiller as well haha

Posted by KnifeySpoony
@Lilarcor: Even more reason to have him on the podcast.
Posted by Rhaknar

this game looks awesome, and the description of the vibe of the game on the latest bombcasts make me really itnerested. And Nolan North! Fuck the haters I'm not tired of him :p

Posted by Jimbo

I hope they go deep into the whole storyline affecting the gameplay thing, like with the melee takedowns becoming more primal and savage, but take it further.  I wanna see fumbled mag changes or a tremor in the aiming as the guy starts to spiral.  
I doubt it would go down very well with the I-just-want-another-shooter crowd, but I think fucking with the actual minute to minute gameplay like that would be real ballsy.  Somebody has to start doing something creative with these games soon.

Posted by Kbohls

whoa he understands what a beta is! musta been the CnC production

Posted by ReDfr0st
@PaulM said:
"first "

You realy couldnt think of anything else? how about rock it real!
Edited by Demigonis

Greg K is the man. We need him on a bombcast!

Posted by dwil83

Heart Of Darkness FTW!

Posted by mak_wikus

I love the idea of "unprompted" game decisions.
Also, Brad is the best interviewer PeriodEXCLAMATIONMARK

Posted by Jackel2072

a Greg Kasavin joint.

Edited by MrKlorox

Been waiting for this interview. This game sounds pretty cool and the Kasavin factor gives it automatic watch status.
But ugh... Vinnie! The interlacing in this video is awful. Was your deintelacing filter broken? Your standards are usually higher.

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

I am really looking forward to this game. My favorite book (novella) is Heart of Darkness, so when they first stated that as a heavy influence, I was hooked. Every time I see them game, it looks better and better. Great interview, Brad. 
Also, wow, a real beta. Who knew those still existed? 

Posted by Lazyaza

One of the few realistic military shooters I'm actually interested in.  I hope its as messed up and dark as they claim, bout time someone made a shooter that was less about dumb fun and more about "war is fucked up". 

Posted by MHumphreys89

What's with the de-lacing on this vid?

Posted by Sharpshooter

Oooooooo Narrative depth, I love a game with narrative dept. Adds to the fun. Lookin forward to seeing more of this.
Posted by Toxin066

My interest in this game just jumped ten-fold.

Posted by MeatSim

This should have all been about Mortal Kombat.

Posted by buzz_killington

Dude, that's Gamespotting Live's Greg Kasavin!

Posted by InFamous91



Greg's awesome!

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Greg Kasavin! Squee!

Posted by RobJ

Greg! I miss him :(

Posted by AlwaysAngry

Gotta love Greg Kasavin!

Posted by DustinGeels

 Greg Kasavin! enough said man 

Posted by Jacob816

Does the video quality seem a bit off, or is it just me?

Posted by brocool

basically, choices. K

Posted by AndreiBaciu


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