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Woah - surprised how much I'm loving the look of dance central and this coming from someone with no natural dance rhythm (or so I've rather depressingly been told). 
Also, is that Patrick F*ing Klepek from G4 at the end?! 

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Just Dance
David Bowie should have judged it, that would have been awesome!

Posted by Draugrim

Gangstas don't dance, we boogie.

Posted by Lumley

I like to dance! I want to dance!  

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G4's Patrick Klepek? 

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Just Waggle. Moving one arm is not dancing, and that's all Just Dance can recognize. 
Dance Central, on the other hand, is the only reason I want a Kinect.

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@Vitor: This is the Wii game Just Dance.
Ok I just watched the second half and yeah Dance Central is in there. Gotta say Just Dance looks a lot more intense but that's just the song I guess. Pokerface is a pretty shitty song to demo a dance game, The Presets was a much better choice that actually looked entertaining.
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Hey, it's the cute woman from the Ubisoft Kinect fitness game thingy. Why couldn't the BombCrew get HER for the BombCast?

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@gunslingerNZ said:
" @Vitor: This is the Wii game Just Dance. "
Not for the whole video it ain't
Posted by kollay

Afro guy in Dance Central seemed like he was playing You're In The Movies.

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That is pretty kickass.

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Holy crap, Digitalism!  This song is awesome!

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@listerfeend: You mean Pa-Pa-Pa-Patrick Klepek?
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So is Dance Central multi player? were they all playing on the one screen? I had read it was a single player only deal?  
Based on this video, The wii game looks like a hell of a lot more fun. provided you are playing it with a massive room full of fun loving idiots of course. 

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What am I even watching?

Posted by dexterslu

Patrick and his skinny jeans, nice moves.

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 The awkward people who can't dance sell me more on this stuff than the professional-ish dancers they have in some of the videos I've seen.

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that fucking song is getting dangerously close of being stuck in my head forever... to the point where i actually youtubed it to listen earlier. i blame ryan!

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It's like the guys at GB were like "Dude, this is like blackmail." Except there's no threat and they just post a video of Patrick Klepek acting like he's swatting flies around. Or thinking he's that guy in the Old Spice commercials.

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@Lumley said:
" I like to dance! I want to dance!  DANCE! "
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I'll take two of the girl at 2:00 

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haha Patrick has some serious moves!

Posted by buckybit

THAT's what I call PAARTY!! 

Posted by I_love_Eva_Braun

wtf am I watching

Posted by FelixCulpa

Cause Just Dance Just 2 2
Just dance cause Just 2 2 
2 2 Just Just Cause Dance

Posted by buckybit

anyone knows the first song? feel free to drop names :)

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@FelixCulpa said:
" Cause Just Dance Just 2 2  Just dance cause Just 2 2   2 2 Just Just Cause Dance "
Dance Just Cause. Obviously.
Posted by gesi1223

Lady Gaga only pushes me even more to go out and buy an xbox just to get Dance Central. B)

Posted by JRock3x8

what in the name of nolan bushnell is going on here?!?

Posted by ELpork
@buckybit: Its Idealistic by Digitalism
Posted by madmex

Patrick "getting it"...comedy GOLD! Must say those people in the beggining looked like a party, even big boy was showing some heart on stage.
Posted by dvorak

This is really something else.

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I want to know the name of the song to!
Please post if you know!
EDIT: The first song that is...

Posted by madmex

Song- idealistic  
from Shazam

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God damn that gaga song, gonna be stuck in my head for weeks.

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Patrick is one of the few people from G4 that actually seems pretty cool and genuine.

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is that one Patrick Klepeck at Dance central?

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that is pretty crazy

Posted by misclet

patrick and his big freestyle wins the battle.

Posted by Landmine

that swatting fly's move needs to be added to the game now.

Posted by VincentVendetta

Come to think of it, Dance Maniax on PlayStation Move or Kinect would be awesome!

Posted by Korne

Oh videogames... letting people act like fools in mass

Posted by solidlife

This is where the party is at!

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Ohhh,  young people.  

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Patrick Klepek freestyle.  Best part of this video.

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I didn't think I could get any more sick of Lady Gaga, but thankfully the next generation of gaming technology is here to prove me wrong. As much as I want Kinect to play Child of Eden, I don't want to give anyone around me the opportunity to play Poker Face on a daily basis.

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Gotta be honest:  that was fucking rad!  Well, the Just Dance 2 part.  The Dance Central part was boring.

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Wow, Just Dance looks fucking pathetic compared to Dance Central.  All though everybody looks hilarious in the end.