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Posted by Reverseface

Brad's model pose.

Posted by teh_pwnzorer

Jeff is a curmudgeon lvl 50.   My favorite class.

Posted by Scorch

Why are they being so whiny about a trailer

Posted by ZeekDaGeek

Star Wars: The Old Republic! <3

Posted by Atomasist

I'm very excited for Dead Space 2.

Posted by RE_Player1

Jeff thinks they're hiding that this is an mmo with a cg trailer. Although it may appear that way at a glance there have already been multiple screenshots and gameplay videos showing the art style in game. They no it doesn't look like the cg trailer, they just want people to get excited for Star Wars again. It worked for me, I was sick of Star Wars but this game is getting me pumped. 

Posted by CashBailey

E34 has broken Twitter.

Posted by RE_Player1

Also who thinks that Star Wars trailer made regular troopers look badass. Screw Jedi and Sith my two classes are bounty hunter and trooper. 

Posted by VoshiNova
@Afroman269:  indeed
Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar
@FunExplosions said:
" Hahahah. Jeff is pissed. He's right, though. "
That is exactly what I was thinking the whole time.
Posted by xxNBxx
 If it was the truth then maybe it would.   You press one button and it dies is an asinine statement.    Playing any game well will have you doing more then just pressing one button.
Posted by Riotisonfire

no bad PC towers here. 

Posted by kuma17

Is anyone else freaked out by the close up to Brad's face? There seems to be a lot of that in these videos. 

Posted by freakin

I respect Jeff's ability to get easily pissed off about stuff.  Every trailer on here should have a quick Jeff take on what was just played.

Posted by D_O_A

The only thing EA have thats interests me these days is dead space 2 

Posted by twillfast
" @FunExplosions said:
" Hahahah. Jeff is pissed. He's right, though. "
That is exactly what I was thinking the whole time. "
Totally agree. I mean come on... the trailer was like twenty minutes long! They'd might as well have made a new movie.
Posted by Ventilaator

Jeff didn't seem to be a fan.

Posted by CrossXhunteR

I wonder if Jeff was apathetic to the first TOR trailer



Posted by eagleon

Meh the trailer was good, no doubt. But trailers with great CGI don't make kick ass games. Games with kick ass gameplay do.

Posted by Zalasta

I appreciate Jeff's honesty and attitude.  I myself am tired of people's ridiculous reactions to a trailer that doesn't even show anything meaningful.

Posted by MacGeorge

I think the world needs to see some Old Republic gameplay.

Posted by MagikGimp

Jeff isn't phased, good for Jeff.

Posted by Crabninja

Better conference than Microsoft.

Posted by belaraphon

not as exciting as i remember e3 being.

Posted by atomicfox

Man, if Kinect pays off I wouldn't mind a new 360 just to spare myself the separate power adapter.

Posted by GunslingerPanda

Jeff is my awesome.
Though I do love Star Wars.

Posted by Whisperkill

Jeff is kind of a dick in this video

Posted by regnits

EA is winning E3 so far they got all the games gamers want.

Microsoft better pray Sony flops too as gamers don't want this motion crap.
I'm trying to workout if the GB crew were being sarcastic, they came out like they lost the will for true games.    

Posted by dumblogic

Jeff took the words right out of my mouth. 

Posted by Balaamsafe

Can't find NFS gameplay anywhere... :(

Posted by Stahlbrand

Crackle crackle.  But yeah, trailers are tricky when you consider the fundemental shallowness of MMO expierences.

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Aw Brad is so adorable in this video. He seems really happy to be at E3.

Posted by AzHP

My girlfriend thinks Brad is cute...that's the only reason she sits with me and watches these videos.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

shit man, I want a Zaxxon shirt like Jeff has there! to ebay!

Posted by Homeslice

I like it.

Posted by Aarny91

Jeff anger :P

Posted by sephirm87

The point of an MMO trailer is to draw you into it's universe.  In that sense, it did its job well.

Posted by Kazona

The EA press conference was great.

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Brad, stop being so awesome on camera! XD
Jeff has a point tho, most normal MMO combat is pretty dull, even if it looks great.
So a trailer about rightclicking ain't all that!
Doesn't make me less excited tho! Giddy!

Posted by KevinTheDeviant

I agree on the Old Republic trailer. Awesome enough as a short film, but I hate MMOs with a passion. And I loved Knights of the Old Republic so much, too. Frustrating. I think Assassin's Creed is one of the only series that does CG trailers right. Go back and watch any of the ones they've released so far. If he does it in the trailer, you can do it in the game.

Posted by SpeedracerUNT

Jeff is right about that Old Republic trailer.  
But it would suck to try and build a trailer for an MMO.  
Almost the equivalent of building trailers for 3D games. 
Put on your glasses!

Posted by queenulhu

Brad's so delicious....!!!

Posted by teknohed

I saw Erasure at that theater!

Posted by ula

I don't give a damn what they are talking about, I only have eyes for that hotty sexy and cute Brad guy.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Dat Brad!