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FInally the truth

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I can't imagine standing there and giving that speech with somebody RIGHT THERE with a camera in my face..

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wow big video

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This has a chance to be pretty bad ass.

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wasn't expecting it to be 25 minutes

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never played any of these games in the franchise.  might check it out.

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I should really look up twisted metal 3. Never did play that one.

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It seems to easy to shoot down the missile considering the effort needed to get it airborne

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Edit: Holy shit. For once, someone knows how to play their own game.
Ryan had the best question, the best laugh, and the best ridiculous sneeze/cough combos.

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pretty interesting

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I'm cautiously optimistic about this. I loved the Twisted Metal series back in the day, but by Black I had definitely had my fill of the formula. If they're careful with balance and take some cues from the way competitive multiplayer has grown and evolved since TM's bot-based arena days, I could certainly see Twisted Metal building up its own dedicated niche community.  
I might even be willing to be one of them.

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looks rad mang

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That was the weirdest sneeze I have ever heard.

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Longest sneeze ever @ 12:16 lol.


Seems interesting, but I think a game like this would work better as a PSN game.  Other than matches against bots, what are they going to do for a single player?  
Never was much a twisted metal fan.  I played Vigilante 8 back in the day. 

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wow this looks pretty cool, I was young during the twsited metal ps1 days but this looks cool

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I'd much rather just play deathmatch and team deathmatch Jaffe. This mode doesn't look very exciting honestly.

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Twisted Metal is like Golden Eye. It's something that was great in the past, but as time has passed, video games have changed: for the better. The whole car combat games like Twisted Metal were great but they have just not aged well. Sure, it's got a new coat of polish but this game is still just Twisted Metal, which isn't entirely great...

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Am I the only one excited for this? This would an awesome game with a group of friends for a game night.

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man around 12:16  some one sneezes part of their brain out or something. 

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*raises hand*
Uh, yes, does this game have multiplayer?

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So is this what all those behind-closed-doors things are like?

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I really don't care about Twisted Metal at all... is it still relevant?  Was this something that people wanted to happen?

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" I played Vigilante 8 back in the day.  "

Vigilante 8 and Second Offense were two of my favorite games ever.
Edit: 15 minutes in, looks pretty good. Some of the weapons are hilarious (Rocket Propelled Patient with the ambulance, Taxi cannon with the tow truck).
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@Blair said:
" I really don't care about Twisted Metal at all... is it still relevant?  Was this something that people wanted to happen? "
People seem to want Mortal Kombat back *shrugs* nostalgia, I guess.
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@Blair: Obviously not in tune with the public there. Yeah this is definitely something people wanted to happen and hopefully they're able to do it right. Looks a little rough at this stage though but gameplay seems very fun.
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" @Blair said:
" I really don't care about Twisted Metal at all... is it still relevant?  Was this something that people wanted to happen? "
People seem to want Mortal Kombat back *shrugs* nostalgia, I guess. "
A LOT of people wanted it. Tons of threads about it, here and elsewhere, when Jaffe said he was working on something new.
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I hope they have more full length demo videos, this was great. Jaffe is a cool genuine guy.

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As a long time Twisted Metal fan, (played Twisted Metal 2 forever, still even play it occasionally today with a buddy). When it was first announced I was pretty excited, but it looked pretty lame; but as they go into more detail about the variety of the cars, it sounds more and more awesome.
It just looks fun.

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An ambulance which rocket launches remote controlled patients for 80 hit points.. They're really going all out with this :p

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Jaffe has a very good track record of innovation.  To say that this genre doesn't play today, is a bit unfair.  We haven't had a real car combat game since Black in 2001.  That will be a 10 year gap by the time this comes out.  How can you know that a genre you haven't played in 10 years doesn't play?  Certainly it is in need of updating to the times, but not going after change for the sake of change.  So far, that is what it looks like.  I have real hopes for this game.  I loved TM back in the day, and I have been waiting for it to return properly.  This premise looks a lot deeper and more interesting than running around in circles for 7 min trying to shoot dudes in the face.

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This looks fun.

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Man, I still want a new Vigilante 8. Anyway, the destruction looks pretty good, the gameplay seems crazy and intense, Jaffe knows how to talk about (and play) the game, and I'm probably going to buy this whenever it ships.
Still, Vigilante 8...I remember some desert level with a giant ant that would utterly wreck your shit. A meteor would impact this crater area, then a while later a giant ant would come out of the rock and attack anything near it.

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I wish it was 360 >:C

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Looks interesting, could be a surprising game.  But I agree with whoever said that this might make more sense as a PSN MP only game.

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I can never have enough Twisted Metal. Kind of bummed they're moving away from the more mature theme of Black, but I'm still pretty excited.

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I want this!

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The gameplay looks awesome - I can't wait to play this online where HOPEFULLY there will be some competent players XD

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Looks cool, hope it balances out and flows well in objective games.

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*Raises hand*
*French Accent* 
''Are you working on a new Twisted Metal game?''

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Spawn a taxi and play crazy taxi in the middle of a match now that would be cool.

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Am I the only one getting a downloadable vibe from this? I never played twisted metal way back when, but this is looking awesome.

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2142 Titan mode anyone?

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Jaffe, you liar!

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@Zatoichi_Sanjuro said:
what was with that sneexe? APCHOOOOoooooooowoowoowoo