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Posted by darkjester74

Very cool vid, thanks guys!  Bummer that there isnt a transfer kit included in the box.  On the other hand the 16GB USB stick is probably the way to go for save games and such.  Ill wait until the initial madness subsides and eventually pick one up.

Posted by Shorty

I don't mind the look of it and the integrated Wi-Fi is nice. I wouldn't mind if I won one, but I'm not sure I'd spend money to get one.

Posted by Dustpan

Once the old Xbox 360s get phased out I'm just going to put water into my Xbox and get the new slim through my best buy warranty.

Posted by one_2nd
@RipTheVeins said:
" I wish my 360 would red-ring so I can justify a purchase. "
haha I was thinking the same thing.. yeah if your xbox works fine there's really no need to buy this. the sound of my xbox has never really bothered me. 
Posted by DarkGamerOO7

This looks much nicer than the one shown in the leaked ad, that looked horrid. Still I have no need for this as nice as it does look. I already have the Wi-Fi adapter and a 120GB hard drive for my Xbox 360.

Posted by chrisnadon
@FunExplosions: lol!!
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I know that dude, he posts on some toy collecting sites and runs a nice MASK database.
I feel better knowing that when my 360 inevitably bites the dust again that a decent replacement exists now.  Time to try and sell my wi-fi adapter.
I just thought that this looks like the suit container from The Greatest American Hero, including detachable instruction book.

Posted by Wabashy

i wish it was a matte finish

Posted by jakob187

Way to bury failure, Microsoft!  lol 
Regardless, seeing it like this...I like the design more now.  I don't like the slick outside, but meh.  I can polish that fucker to get rid of smudges.
Posted by ShadzKing

Must get now

Posted by Rewcastle
@RVonE said:
" "this will be the quietest thing in you entertainment center." This is where the marketing spin fails. I mean, come on. "
Exactly. My shelf is the quietest thing in MY entertainment center. Trying to one up me with a new shiney console.
Posted by RVonE
@Rewcastle said:
" @RVonE said:
" "this will be the quietest thing in you entertainment center." This is where the marketing spin fails. I mean, come on. "
Exactly. My shelf is the quietest thing in MY entertainment center. Trying to one up me with a new shiney console. "

Posted by CrazyCannuck

Ah man no one asked if you could stand it up with no scratching.

Posted by Aarny91

Not bad. Alot better looking than the original.

Posted by edge426

i need a new 360 anys wys ill go tommarow and see if best but has any

Posted by Mezmero

My biggest concern is how smooth transferring my old data is going to be.  I suppose I could slap all my crap onto my external before I trade in my 360phat.

Posted by Fistenstien

Looks nice but doe sit have bluray?

Posted by PosseOfOne

the gloss looks nice when its new, but the strange slant bendy shape is a turn off for me. i thought in 2010 we are past weird shapes and are going for more simple and sleek looks with less random edges

Posted by gedazz

I liked it white.

Posted by Grayvern

God I hate piano black. just because everyone else does it doesn't mean you have to, it's not stylish its gaudy.  And also piano black finishes  will scratch to fuck from dusting let alone handling.   
And how quiet it is in a loud room is no real indication of noise .    

Posted by wwfundertaker

Looks good, i want one.

Posted by Fuzzled

Gotta say, I still have my original 360 and it's never red ringed, served me well. But the noise that comes out of this thing and the fact I'm still on the 20gb HDD which I'm constantly having to manage my space on I do think it's easy enough to justify the extra cash for me over say just an HDD upgrade.

Posted by WillyLo

Fuck ya! This will match my PS3!

Posted by reptilia_kun

i'm assumin the vertical will be the optimal position?

Posted by Tally_Pants

the all... new?... PS360!
Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

The guy demoing it seems like a real guy.

Posted by chucknorris101

great interview i liked how he wasnt a real huge corporate ego where he said you need to buy this or else!  He actually said you dont really need our product ( the transfer kit)

Posted by Devil240Z

Now I can have a 360 that matches my old PS3. gloss black, chrome stuff. touch sensitive buttons. Ironic that sony went matt with physical buttons and MS went the other way. 

Posted by greenblattsam

Bullshit on failure rate because my JASPER e74'd.

Posted by fleshribbon

How do you sync controllers without the sync button on the new 360?

Posted by buckybit

BTW, you can measure 'quietness' - sone. Good question to ask, if anyone talks pr-lingo at you.

Posted by animateria

It won't RRoD but just have a red light... Riiiiiiight...
Looking sleek otherwise but Microsoft denial of RRoD on current systems keep me a bit skeptical.
Otherwise a sleek and nice update for the 360.

Posted by Corvall

They should have asked him to pop in a game.  Mine isn't awful for noise when I'm in the dashboard, but the DVD drive spinning is pretty loud.

Posted by LiquidSaiyan3

Don't know if it was said already, but GB need to learn how to focus the damn camera on closeups!! 
Also new 360 looks kinda sweet

Posted by 88Fingers

Got mine pre-ordered !

Posted by Meptron

built in Wi-Fi! Finally... but it still doesn't right the wrong of charging $100 for the adaptor in the past.

Posted by Spartan117Tron

Just got some Astro A30s and Preordered The new Xbox feel Like bit of a whore now

Posted by _Horde

Lol, when the British accent came in, I thought it was Jeff fakin' it. 

Posted by PatheticMan

Looks fantastic.

Posted by dancinginfernal

As much as I hate to say it, it's looking good.

Posted by nekoNari

I must say, it looks like a Alienware hardware. Not saying this is a bad thing.
Posted by supernando
@Bones8677: yeah, we all sound the same :)
Posted by Duder_Me

 I am really tempted to buy one, but the money I have is going towards a fast laptop to play games like Flight Simulator, Battlefield, and all good stuff. Maybe I should sell my Wii. I haven't played it since June 2009. 

Posted by itspizza

Looks good, could have gone with out the super glossy paint that jeff eluted too

Posted by Alphazero

Sexy sexy. 

Posted by MistaSparkle

Does the new controller come with the charging station or is it still individual batteries?
Posted by Metroid545

I think Ill wasit till my 360 red rings and then I'll be getting one of these

Posted by mrnivek

Eh, should have saved my money instead of buying a new hard drive for my old console.

Posted by Astiaks

This is how the xbox 360 should have been from the very beginning!

Posted by AV_Gamer

This Xbox360 is really nice looking, but I'm getting a PS3. Their features are still superior in my opinion.
Bluray owns.