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Posted by DanCampbell

LOL such a ps3 wannabe  IN LOOKS
it look so much like a sony product

Posted by gunslingerNZ
@DanCampbell said:
" LOL such a ps3 wannabe  IN LOOKS LOOK AT IT it look so much like a sony product "
Yeah but that's a good thing.
Posted by UsbCable

I want one :'(

Posted by ShaunassNZ

HaHa he says he had his on for 2 days! He's just trying to say that there's no RROD. LOL

Posted by dvorak

The change in defect rate is such bullshit. Between just one of my friends and I, we've gone through 5 Xboxes in the past two years. My friend went to Target two times, and both times he came home with a red ringer right out of the box
That said, I don't know, I keep buying them. So, whatever. I'll buy one of these later in the week.

Posted by Protoroll

Man I want one so bad.

Posted by Kowbrainz

Refined the controller yet didn't do anything about the d-pad. Bit of a waste. :P 
Otherwise I'm pretty happy with how this looks.

Posted by Raspinudo

seemed like a cool dude, not all douchey like most microsoft execs. 
new 360 is nice, but id prefer matte finish. 

Posted by Morka

That was a lot of um.
Posted by RE_Player1

I like how the english journalist tried to politely say IS THIS THING GOING TO RED RING OR WHAT

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Looks awesome! I want one, but don't need it. Hmmm

Posted by darkvare

if my console gets rrod i hope they send me one of thesse lol

Posted by Cubroso

I'll have to get a 360 this time around. And, by the looks of the new model, new hardware renditions means no more failures.
Crossing my fingers that Microsoft has it down.

Posted by ixnay

I am totally selling my current 360 and getting one of these so I can have something quieter than a lawnmower in my entertainment center.

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@zyn: If you look closely when they show the drive popped out, it looks to be a standard 2.5" notebook SATA drive.  At least from the ports. 
Well, inside of a proprietary enclosure, that is.  God forbid someone buy a large capacity notebook drive that doesn't cost an inflated amount and install it themselves.
Posted by DJGhostmare

And yet it still has a FUCKING POWER BRICK!!! 
Sorry. I have issues I need to deal with.

Posted by Hackjob135

The only problem i ever had with the 360 was the hardware. With this new quite, smaller, normal HDMI, 
wifi ready system... I think after 5 years in it's life im ready to get one. Ill wait to hear what people have to say about the nitty gritty. other than that way to go microsoft.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I would have loved it if it red ringed when he turned it on.

Posted by jamBOT

I love the design, love that it's quit, and love that I finally have easy access hard drive. But why is it inside "another" plastic container? Why would you do that AGAIN? Why isn't it "just the hard drive" itself? Haven't we learned "our" lesson the first time around?  
(Don't give us that crap about piracy. If people want to pirate, they will. No piece of plastic is going to stop them.)

Posted by EmuLeader

lucky for me my xbox is super old and loud and my hard drive is pretty much completely full.  These are my justifications for getting this NOW.  
When is it coming out? it sounded like he said at the end of the week.

Posted by btman

ooooo Shiny

Posted by confideration

I like that they support the old transfer cable. MS really seems to be getting it right these days despite the mess at launch that Peter Moore cleaned up like 2 years later.

Posted by Aaron_G

Hm, I am trying to tell myself I do not need to pay $300, for another console. But, I want this! 

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

This almost makes me happy that my 360 died because the new 360 looks AMAZING!

Posted by Kbohls

whooooo i almost thought they got rid of the ring of light, how was i gonna know when mine RR?

Posted by Mono_Listo

Well, they've finally almost made it as current and flexible as a PS3. Being quiet helps, too.

Edited by Aleryn

Best damn unboxing out there.  And you guys actually questioned the guy about the big bad elephant in the living room.  Thanks guys, you rock over all the other professional gaming sites.
... and the power brick is a GOOD THING.  It'll keep the interior temperatures down.

Posted by Ravenousrattler

looks pretty cool but data transfer sounds like a hassle

Posted by Nomin

Have put into it everything that consumers asked for? Then where is a BR drive? 

Posted by Lazyaza

Tis a sexy machine indeed.

Posted by Quintessence

I might need to purchase one with my old one on the way out.

Posted by DrBobUK

I will definitely try and sell my current Xbox to get this one.
Does anyone know if the controller shown uses the same improved D-Pad that was present in the limited edition controller?
I'm talking about this one: 

Posted by Inferno100

So they basically made a playstation 3 .
Posted by GunnBjorn
Correct, at the end of the week it will be available for the consumers.
Posted by sjolle

i might have to buy one it sounds good and the design is cool too

Posted by maxiwelli

This looks pretty sweet. As someone with a premium, I could really go for that fat hard drive and HD port.

Posted by MacGeorge

Looks nice, but still doesn't compare to the PS3 slim in terms of hardware.
Posted by Zalasta

LOL, a lot of these "new features" are common sense that should've came with the original model.  So now you have to shell out another $300 for them.  Unbelievable.  Let's see how many suckers will buy another even though they already have a working 360.

Posted by Out_On_Bail

awesome, built in wifi. i'm happy.

Posted by asdfghasdf

It looks really nice, but I'm trying to not get it. I do need the extra space, but with that money, I could be saving up for a PS3. However, if my current 360 fails sometime down the line, I guess that's an option...

Posted by ChunkyB

Very Premium!

Posted by GeekDown

I don't need a new Xbox, mine works perfectly. But a completely silent xbox sound really good. I might just have to buy one...

Posted by Nux

Looks so good. I want one.
Posted by GrandMarshal

sexy... i want it

Posted by RVonE

"this will be the quietest thing in you entertainment center." 
This is where the marketing spin fails. I mean, come on.
Posted by noe

What about the D-pad on the controller, has that been addressed? HHHHuuuuuuhhhhhh?

Posted by jclast

No compatibility with MUs and current HDDs is pants-on-head retarded. That alone will keep me from ever upgrading to the 360 slim.

Posted by Pop

rofl awesome, there won't be a red ring just a RED LED OF ERROR RLOE.

Posted by steevl

Looks nice. I'll probably not get one for myself, as my Elite is serving me well.  Might buy one as a gift for someone's birthday down the road, though.

Posted by pseudomyxoma

Personally I like the way the slim 360 looks