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Posted by eccentrix

Am I the only one who thinks the 360 power supply looks good with their setup?

Posted by TACOBOY

almost sold...xbox live fees keeping me back,i know i know its only 50$ a year but ive got a pc for online gaming and already have a 360 elite, kinect(natal) might win me over to buy this in the long run though.
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I was there virtually at the theater so shouldn't I get one of those new Xbox's too?

Posted by JoblessTerence

I wish they had asked if you would be able to lie it down vertically. It didn't seem like there was any padding for that to be a possibility. Still, it would have been nice to get a definitive answer.

Posted by The_Patriarch

I love the fact that he says the RROD is a problem of the past when GB had one last week.

Posted by freecajunlove
@JoblessTerence: IGN asked and they said that it can go either way,
Posted by Count_Zero

Say... the new Hard Drive looks a lot like the 360 Hard Drive - will it be easier for you to upgrade your hard drive with something other than the official Microsoft Hard Drives. Say, to a 1TB hard drive?

Posted by JoblessTerence
@freecajunlove: Sweet, thanks for clearing that up.
Posted by OllyOxenFree

I'll probably grab one when Kinect releases.  Maybe...

Posted by blacklab

Shiny black plastic is the the generic brown plastic computer case of the '10's.

Posted by kidzombie

This actually looks good. Might not buy it but it sure is making me think about it

Posted by Patman99

Was it just me or was the question asked by that British guy kind of a ass hole question? Why even bother asking a stupid question like that...

Posted by President_Evil

HOT.  But I think I'll be picking up a PS3 before buying a second 360.  Unless Gamestop has some sort of trade-in offer... hmm....

Posted by metalsnakezero

If my 360 bits the dust again I'll probably get this one instead of getting it repaired.

Posted by WhatTheDang

Wow, Brad's British accent really comes out there for a second. He must be stressed. 

Posted by RsistncE

Kind of a piss off that MS failed to provide a decent working product to all the people that paid the most but now they've essentially put the development time in to put out a piece of hardware that isn't a flaming piece of shit (mind you, this is the time they should have put in in the first place.)

Posted by Fallen189

So when it red rings, how can you tell?

Posted by Vonocourt

Looks slick.

Posted by Binny

I wonder if they will really try and push this generation to 10 years or not.

Posted by ProfessorBread

Finally a reasonable footprint....but not sure if it's enough to sway me.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Looks pretty good. I'll pick one up in time for Gears 3.

Posted by EvilDingo

"This will be the quietest thing in your entertainmentcenter" 
A pretty bold claim... 
However, since I figure he current 360 is the *most* noisy thing in people's entertainmentcenters, I think people will settle for it just being quieter.

Posted by RandomBullet

Funny.. the PS3 slim was redesigned with buttons and the 360 slim was redesigned without buttons..huh?

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@Patman99: \ 
No shit.... 
"What do you fink is going to 'appen when it faiws".. go fuck yourself... 
I even had mine repaired 3 times so far and .. yes.. that was a dick question..
Posted by Dethfish

I really want one of these now. Not only is it quieter, smaller, wi-fi enabled and comes with a huge hard drive but they even fixed that stupid power cord.

Posted by RA20R

It looks sleek and pretty damn cool... kind of going the route of the PS3 with the design and the features. All in all I WILL GET THIS :)

Posted by spiceninja

I want one. NOW!

Posted by Mars_Cleric

maybe it's about time to get a new xbox to replace me old one
Posted by MassiveDuck

the old arcade is down to 149. damn, that is a helluva good buy with the USB accessibility that is now available.

Posted by havoc414

Posted by Yzzerdd

Should have went with a slot loaded drive if they realty wanted it to look premium.

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@hpv said:

" That guy sure is obsessed with making the system "look more premium."  I wonder if he even realizes that he sounds like a complete douche or if he's been at Microsoft so long that he doesn't even notice. "

Well, it's kinda his job. What, did you expect him to say, "Duuuuude this shiny black color looks sick!!!"?
Posted by JoeyIA

I think the new 360 looks really cool.  I wish/hope that it were white or matte finished... FINGERPRINTS!

Posted by Meteora

I want one. I don't know why, I should be skeptical, but the 360 slim looks sexy. 
Not sure if I want to wish that my console would die out on me now though. =/

Posted by Wright

Was that Guy Cocker's british voice?

Posted by RenMcKormack

I love the english guy's question of straight up what is the plan when this thing breaks.

Posted by Lanceuppercut

Might want to pick one of these up.

Posted by ThePwnee

One more thing I will not be buying. Or rather, cannot afford to buy.
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ummm so the fans quite..... how about you pop in a disk and play a game that uses the hell out of it and then judge how quite it really is after that...?

Posted by TheSilentTruth

Great footage. It looks better than I thought. I'd save up some extra cash in case my current 360 goes belly up.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

I was a bit worried about the new look before but after seeing this video I'm warming up to it and if my 360 runs out of warranty and dies I will definately pick this one up.
Posted by Mars_Cleric

can I put it horizontal?
Posted by Capum15

...Me want. No way I can spend that much money right now, but still.

Posted by DrLove


Posted by Mars_Cleric
@Wright said:
"Was that Guy Cocker's british voice? "

I thought that too, it sounded like him
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 Lol I find it hilarious how far the new 360 has gone in the direction of the PS3

  • high gloss finish
  • capacitive touch buttons
  • built in wifi and hard drive
  • quieter without overheating problems
"We've obviously refined the Xbox logo to make it look a bit more premium" 
That's very telling to me. Seems like that was their philosophy behind this, to make the 360 seem like a high class item rather than something cheap. 

It looks a lot better than it does in that leaked picture that's for sure. Far less like a crappy gamer PC. It really sucks that the hard drive is still proprietary though...
@Yzzerdd said:
" Should have went with a slot loaded drive if they realty wanted it to look premium. "

That's the one PS3 feature they still need in there.
Posted by CannonGoose

I hate how tempted I am. I HATE.

Posted by Raven_Sword

Im pissed I dont have the money for this. I dont care about the WIFI, all I want out of it is its 250gb HDD and the fact its not very likely to break on me.
Posted by Winelorf

Looks pretty slick.

Posted by Undeadpool

Don't NEED the proprietary HDMI cable...but it'll still work, right?