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This is awesome.

Posted by Killroycantkill


Posted by FCKSNAP


Posted by SamuSlave

The power of Crecente is irrepressible.

Posted by JarenFace

Aw. C'mon Brian. Why you gotta be like that.

Posted by drew327

Crecente comes off about as I expect!

Posted by LeonsHell

Brad keeps on posting in the wrong section.

Posted by Landon

I guess...the guy didn't want to talk about hair care tips...

Posted by bluesun

Was it musical chairs sitting next to Jeff?

Posted by TheChaos

That guy was a jerk.

Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

Damn I wanted hair care tips as well

Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny

lol i love how this video ends

Posted by Detrian

He should have answered "Only if you can tell me about sucking at games" but I doubt anyone would recognize Brad.

Posted by Ricerx

Hey you got kotaku in my giant bomb

Posted by FCKSNAP

LOL Chris Kohler fucking hates you guys! 

Posted by rick9109
@Landon: Too bad, he needs them.
Posted by Sargus

So close to great hair care tips! Curses!

Posted by RollingFury

HAHAHA!!!  Great ending!

Posted by Delta_Ass
@Snapstacle said:

This picture just reminds me of Willy Wonka and blueberries.
Posted by TwoGunsABlazin

haha awesome

Posted by jakeh


Posted by Biddy

Lol. Brian cameo.

Posted by Fattony12000

Damn, Brian buuuurned choo sucker! Y'all gonna take that? 

Posted by imjustbettr

cool beans

Posted by Gamer_152

Well Jeff called it alright. It's a shame Brad couldn't get those hair care tips though.

Posted by FireSketch

Dang, I really could have used some hair care tips from the Crecente.

Posted by Radar

Brian's smile... so haunting

Posted by UnlivedPhalanx

I <3 this entire thread so far =p

Posted by JJWeatherman

lol @ Brad

Posted by TheRealDJ

Sadly Jeff was wrong about space link :(

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Misleading subtitle!!!

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Greatest video ending this year. Getting denied by Crecente, now you know how the ladies feel Brad.

Posted by MassiveDuck

i have heard that Crecente is an insufferable dick, but that is just hearsay as i don't even know who he is really.

Posted by Robo

HAHA, GiantBomb runs into Kotaku and what happens? Brad asks Crecente for hair care tips. Outstanding.
The man does have amazing hair.

Posted by Bionicicide

Never hear good things about Crecente.

Posted by Balaamsafe

Two Door Cinema Club playing on the PA at a Nintendo press conference? I thought they were a tiny band.

Posted by Sil3n7


Posted by everjump
@Snapstacle said:
" LOL Chris Kohler fucking hates you guys! 

That guy knows something Jeff don't know
Posted by super2j

im blue b/c i couldnt go to the nintendo conference. And space link is close enough to the truth

Posted by Babylonian
@Vito_Raliffe said:
" Misleading subtitle!!! "
It was a meta-commentary on Kotaku's shitty, highly editorial, largely deceptive headlines! You just don't get it.
Posted by CharkeeFarlee
@Snapstacle said:
" LOL Chris Kohler fucking hates you guys! 

Posted by MetalGearFlaccid

I wanted more SMILES.

Posted by xanavi


Posted by Fobeus

Crecente does have beautiful hair! :-P

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Giantbomb rocks! 
You guys have faces just made for the camera! XD

Posted by Suigyoken

Someone needs to outdo that "Kotaku mane" and counter with a... Giantbomb beard? Yeah that'll work, beards are all the rage.

Posted by Winternet

No hair care tips? oohhh.
I want a Right After Nintendo video.

Posted by misclet
@Detrian:  i saw brad playing zelda over at the nintendo booth and the guy running the demo recognized him and was teasing him about fighting a boss and his gaming skills. i think brad is pretty recognizable.
Posted by Mizuchi

How about no.

Posted by OwnlyUzinWonHan

Crecente's hair is good, but mine is better.
Don't worry guys, I'll give you hair tips.

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