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Cool. Awesome rapping skills. Aw yeah.

Posted by jelekeloy

this is pretty awesome

Posted by shatteringlast

Is it? IS IT COOL?

Posted by zabian227

Jeff tearing it up!!! Nice work, love the enthusiasm too :)  BTW you won lol

Posted by kollay

Damn, Jeff!

Posted by MeatSim

I expect some rap battles and dance offs at the Giant Bomb office when this and Dance Central come out.

Posted by Captain_Felafel

Jeff, how you so freeesh?!

Posted by Rodiard

This game was made for Jeff Gerstmann.

Posted by Rhaknar

That was awesome

Posted by ThomasP

Jeff don't stop for no ho's, bicthes!

Posted by IamNOTatalkingpony
I beleive you meant to say... DAAAAAYYYYUUUUUUMMMMM JEFF!!!
Posted by InFamous91

Oh Yea!

Posted by ProjektGill

Will Tuttle has nothing on Jeff

Posted by Wright

Jeff bleeds rap.

Posted by RVonE

Posted by Milkman

That other guy had nothing on Jeff.

Posted by ZagZagovich

Gotta love those mannerisms. I would so watch Jeff play through the whole game with the guys around the office. Def Jam Rapstar Endurance Run. Make it happen.

Posted by superjop

Jeff Damn Rap Star's more like it!

Posted by stevemanu

RIP Tupac

Posted by AdMordem

Wow if you were ever gonna make a GB game... it has to involve jeff rapping... or rapping to jeff.

Posted by paulunga
@ZagZagovich said:
" Gotta love those mannerisms. I would so watch Jeff play through the whole game with the guys around the office. Def Jam Rapstar Endurance Run. Make it happen. "
Oh man. I know you guys said "no more Endurance Runs", but please, make this happen.
I might also settle for an Extended Quick Look or Thursday Night Throwdown.
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Posted by Spookie

Jeff terrifies me.

Posted by heatDrive88

This is amazing!
Posted by StriderNo9

Good job jeff!

Posted by dudeglove

Sometimes the song is lost a little when white guys sing it.

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Posted by Artemis_D

Jeff killed it... that tiny ass lookin' mic bothers me, though.  

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Nothing is more authentic than Jeff rapping to Tupac. Awesome video!
Posted by MannyMAR

The Giantbomb crew don't stop for Hoes, we get around! That was badass, Jeff.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

No Wu?

Posted by generalen

Def Jam? More like Jeff Damn!

Posted by arab_prince

The inner rapper emerged from Jeff. That was awesome bud. And what a great song to boot. RIP Tupac

Posted by masternater27

Jeff tore it up!

Posted by Authun

Def Jam Rapstar TNT?

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Posted by gbrading

I know nothing about rap... But Jeff rocked.
Posted by Tesla

Rapstar endurance run featuring MC Jeff Gerstmann.

Posted by Milpool

rap rap rappity rap
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Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

I want to be just like Jeff when I grow up.

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Posted by Godlovesugly
@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" lame "
Step up punk! See if you can battle Jeff.
Posted by wwfundertaker

The Jeffster.

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Posted by Damian

Jeff gets around: Confirmed!

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Posted by Eastman

Jeff spits some mad game.
Posted by KeefJM

Jeff spit with a smooth quick flow.