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Looks pretty weird / interesting ...  
Edit: about damn time on this quest. 

Posted by blacklab

I could be convinced.

Posted by DeadFish

After exciting trailers like Wii Dare and Valet Parking 1989, we bring you The Deepak Chopro Project?

Btw, games should never have the words "game" or "project" in the title. Never. :/

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Holding out for the Alan Parsons Project game.

Posted by ScreamingFist

No, no no no no no.

On the positive side, I can't wait for the Quick Look! Hooray! XD

Posted by Skullomania

But can I play as Crash Bandicoot?

Posted by Chirag4

Yo, you spelled his name wrong.

Posted by chililili

Seriously fuck this man, I also like how his method supposedly stops aging yet he keeps on getting older... fuck all the new age hipster shit

Posted by Korolev

Deepak Chopra is a conman and a no-nothing. He has the gall to deny reality (as in, he actually denies that there is an objective reality that exists independently of human thought), yet sells his books and baloney. Hey Deepak, if reality doesn't exist, why don't you just make money fall from the sky!

He's the 21st Century Snake Oil Salesman.

Posted by Lab392


Posted by KlUMZeE

What in the Holy Mother of Fuck was that?

Posted by RareMonkey

I might be alone on this but I know the gf will want this.  And I could be interested in it as well.

Posted by thedevilbat

No matter how you feel about this dude, he know's how to sell a fucking book or two.

It'll be interesting if he can convince all those yuppies to latch on to this.

Posted by Mike76x

But can I play it on Live and teabag people when I meditate harder than they do?
Namaste bitches!

Posted by The_Fairywinkle

CoD killer

Posted by Korwin

The Fuck? Since when did religious/new age figure heads get game deals lol

Coming 2012 - The Pope: Retribution

Posted by GioVANNI

Eff this conman. 

Posted by thebigJ_A

Get this woo-peddling superstitionist out of here.

Posted by zombie2011

WTF, seriously  
Also it's Chopra not Chopro.

Posted by ZGoon
@Korwin: @The_Fairywinkle: @Mike76x: @528seven: You should all know I laughed pretty hard scrolling down this page and reading your comments.
Also this is ridiculous. Next thing will be Jehovah's Witnesses visiting me in Skyrim.
Posted by pmurph

i don't know where i stand on meditation but i like to pretend i'm a plane..... 

Posted by Mike76x
@ZGoon: Have you accepted Akatosh as your personal savior?
Posted by GalacticPunt

This hilariously came out of nowhere. I love how the Kinect was "seeing" that lady's chakra's.

Posted by ArcLyte

this guy is counting on YOU to perpetuate his multi-million dollar business of selling lies and false hopes to gullible people around the world.

Posted by Lyfeforce

Coming 2013: The Hypnotoad project.

Posted by EuanDewar

The what now?

Posted by Erotolepsy

Can't wait for Deepak Chopro Skater
Posted by Spiritof

@GalacticPunt said:

This hilariously came out of nowhere. I love how the Kinect was "seeing" that lady's chakra's.

I was noticing the same thing. That's got to be a violation of some type of privacy law somewhere.

Posted by tourgen

This guy is a configured douche bag of the first order and should not be listened to.

Posted by Stahlbrand

Fucking quackfrauddouche.

Posted by Example1013

@Lyfeforce said:

Coming 2013: The Hypnotoad project.

Hey. Hypnotoad is awesome.

Posted by monkeystick

I heard he programmed it himself.

Posted by PKHilson
Posted by PKHilson
@Korwin said:

The Fuck? Since when did religious/new age figure heads get game deals lol

Coming 2012 - The Pope: Retribution

Posted by tread311

As others have stated here, this man is a severe douche and a con. I laugh every time I here him referred to as a source or expert on something. Penn and Teller rip him pretty good in an episode of Bullshit.

Posted by Mike76x
Mariska Hargitay everyone.
Posted by crithon

I perfered it when it was called Electroplankton first time around.

Posted by StealthRaptor

Man, I'm ready.

Posted by WesleyFenlon

I read a Deepak Chopra book once. I do not recommend reading a Deepak Chopra book.

Posted by DrJota

I'm Deepak Chopra,and THIS IS MY GAME!

Posted by ZGoon
@Mike76x: That is when I go burn down the building that NPC works in so he cannot afford to support his family.
Posted by Mumrik

"Let go and flow" and that lady playing it looked about as stiff as anything I've ever seen. As if somebody showed a broom up her ass.

Posted by WEGGLES

Since when did quackery get games?

2013 goty: homoeopathy the game?

Posted by shamanick
@528seven said:

Holding out for the Alan Parsons Project game.

Haha exactly what came to my mind too
Posted by McGhee

What a fucking charlatan Chopra is.

Posted by Zerodash

This man is a well-known fraud and charlatan. Is there going to be a homeopathy game next?

Posted by Nettacki

Didn't he try doing something like this back in 2005, except with some really expensive sensors and a self-help audiobook?

Posted by enemymouse

I like it when she demonstrates "fun" at 0:47. She'd be a great charades partner.

Posted by BBQBram

@Korolev: I agree he's a phony, but if you can prove there is an objective reality you would be a world-famous philosopher. Actually quantum physics have proven that observation and reality are intersubjective. So there.

Posted by Xpgamer7

I could see this, possibly.