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There still making those... ?

edit: hey well that's nice ... on first try...

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cool another dragonquest game.

1:10, is "sythesize" a dragonquest term or did they just spell "synthesize" wrong?

Posted by Danda

More Dragonquest?!

Posted by squimpify

This is already out right?

Posted by Driadon

Dude yes! I love the Monsters spin off; best thing to come from the whole reaction to the Pokemon craze.

@Robo_Gorilla: Yeah, they misspelled synthesize wrong.

Posted by MrMazz

I thought this already came out? And I wonder if that crab attacked for massive damage

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Never thought this would happen, since this game came out along while back in Japan. Glad it finally did happen though. 
And to be clear, this is DQM:J2, which unlike the 1st one wasn't released outside of Japan.
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I don't think a shpell's gonna work on this one.

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This is the original version of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2.
There's a Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional with over 100 new monsters among other features that came out a few months ago. They should have localized that one instead.

Posted by transience

I'm really excited about this game.  it's too bad it isn't the professional version, but I love me some DQM. this might be my favourite announcement at a really disappointing e3.

Posted by GalacticPunt

@Robo_Gorilla: @Driadon: Well... "sythesize" is a process where you transfar two monsters and uh.... Japan!

Posted by metalsnakezero

Its that a giant enemy crab slime  -_-?

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Become a Super sayain 4 whilst learning 'Hot to train your dragon' and become your Ultimate Final Fantasy...a Pokemon master!,,,,is basically what that trailer says to me....

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Posted by streek471

Dragon Warrior Monster, fuck yeah. (Sorry, it will always be Warrior to me when it comes to monster titles, I call the normal ones Quest, but I can't change for Monsters)

Posted by Feigr

This is one of the biggest games at E3 for me. Anything Dragon Quest related is always the most important thing!

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials
Posted by dungbootle

This is the sequel, guy.

Posted by liako21

this probably one of few pokemon knock offs that is good imo. i think its because the uniqueness of the monsters, they are not pokemon knock offs. just an opinion.

Posted by kollay

@metalsnakezero said:

Its that a giant enemy crab slime -_-?

You bet your sweet ass it is.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Is it just me or are the hairstyles in these games getting even crazier?

Posted by Gerhabio

They got Pokemon on my Dragon Quest

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Wait... didn't think game come out already? Or is this a sequel, and the link under the video just leads to the wrong page? Either way, looks pretty good. I remember enjoying these games way back when they were "...Warrior Monster" instead of "Quest"

Posted by TheChaos

So we get to play as Goku for the hundredth time?

Posted by Springfart

really enjoyed the first one, this is gonna be sweet^^

Posted by ryanwho


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Posted by UchihaMatt

So is this like DragonQuest and Pokemon combined? Looks awesome for a DS game.

Posted by subtek

Excellent! I liked DQM:J better than DQIX.

Posted by pekoe212

Yay Dragon Quest music! Bleh Dragon Quest art style! I can never love the character art. Everyone looks so damn smug. :P Those slime crustaceans are something else, I didn't realize they'd started inserting slimes into other objects.

Posted by krabboss

I've been playing the Japanese version of this for a little while now. It's a really great game, but I am a huge Dragon Quest fan so I may be biased.

Posted by Darkstar614

"Sythesize" ??

Posted by RecSpec

Nitpicking, but this is actually DQM: Joker 2.

This game was the Pokemon killer for me. After playing this game, there was no way in hell I could play a new Pokemon game.

Posted by Axersia
@528seven said: 
Look at it this way, if it weren't for the interns, this wouldn't have even gotten posted. There's just way too much stuff that gets ignored by staff just because it's not relevant to their interests. 
 @RecSpec said:

Nitpicking, but this is actually DQM: Joker 2.

This game was the Pokemon killer for me. After playing this game, there was no way in hell I could play a new Pokemon game.  

My main issue with the DQM series has always been its focus on grinding. These games only have a few hours worth of unique content while the remainder is just spent grinding up your monsters from scratch. This is especially true for DQMJ. DQM2 had a much larger focus on story and an actual world map with towns to visit. I don't know if DQMJ2 improves on DQMJ in any of the aspects I would like it to, but so far I've just stayed away from the game figuring it was gonna be too similar to DQMJ.
DQM1 and 2 were great games, but I'll take Pokemon over DQMJ any day of the week.
Posted by MeatSim

I want the giant blue slime crab.

Posted by Milkman

@528seven said:


I don't want to call him out here but this is like the third mistake that Corey's made with the trailers...

Posted by KaneRobot

Fuck this Dragonball-lookin' character crap. I want a Dragon Warrior knight busting out Erdrick's Sword.