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Nice, love me some fruit.. and ninjas.. to bad i hate kinect

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@McShank: Really?

Posted by decko5

$4.99 on the market place?

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@RE_Player92: Haters gonna hate.

Posted by heavyplay

this trailer is awesome

Posted by Zanien

sound is off i think.

Posted by Terrents

great idea!
Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Probably the best way to video this thing. Dumb live action sequences!

Props for the downloadable release, one of the first Kinect download games?

Posted by zombie2011

I'm definitely picking up Kinect after seeing the MS E3 conference. So i'll end up getting this game.

Posted by Hot_Karl

If this is more than $10 (which, as is, is pretty goddamn expensive), this'll probably be the biggest rip-offs in the history of rip-offs.

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As much i hate kinect i love the whole scan tech they showed off, this, minecraft w/ it, ME3 with it, GR with it and the finger tech.

luckily i can borrow my nieces kinect anytime and forever how long i want since she doesn't use it.

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wait... i AM the ninja?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Asian kid? Go figure...

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I approve of this trailer.

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I'm always looking forward to a new Kinect game.  I won't spend $10 on this game though.

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Just got a new phone and Fruit Ninja the other day. Fun and senseless. I would totally mess about with Fruit Ninja on Kinect. Despite some pretty week games, and few since launch I'm really considering getting a Kinect. It might not all be awesome but having more shit to do with an Xbox is pretty cool; and the way Microsoft have been updating it is way better than I would have expected.

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That trailer was amazing
Posted by Gerhabio

I'm OK with this

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I would buy the game if it was like this trailer, but I don't have a Kinect. :/

Posted by beefmotron

I'm not going to buy this since apparently I can just play it for free on the TVs people leave in alleys

Posted by Xpgamer7

Three things.

1. The Audio is off sync.

2. Half-Brick always makes awesome trailers

3. Why does this need to exist on a console when it's clearly a handheld game?

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MS doing this shows they know what they are doing. People need to stop whining about MS not pushing Kinect for hardcore gamers (it will NOT work with current tech) and realize that with this casual gaming which is what the Kinect is for, we can see a lot of interesting titles.

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@Babaoriley06 said:
That trailer was amazing
Posted by KimChi4U

I think the video is great but I don't know if I really want to play the game.

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This is one of the bst trailers I've seen yet. Kudos to them for knowing how fucking stupid it was going to be.

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I think this and that roman game are gonna make me get a kinect

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GREAT trailer.

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Alright that's a pretty good trailer...

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Take my money!!!!!

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Prequel to Fruit Dealer. Cause after the Fruit Ninja cuts the fruits, he exports it to Fruit Dealer. Fruit Dealer then makes a ton of Brad Money and buys his way to become the president of Fruit Country and Fruit Ninja has to assassinate Fruit Dealer and then we have Assassin's Creed Ten: Rise of the Fruits.

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Will it be more than waving your arms about as fast as possible?

Posted by Tricky69

The ultimate goal is to make a fruit salad.

Posted by MeatSim

How was that TV and 360 not immediately stolen?

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Another lame game brought to you buy Lame Ass Games(c).