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I want to like it because I really like the idea of a Kinect Jedi game.  This just isan't it.

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That was something alright

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Looks terrrrrrrible.

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Worst of E3 2011

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... Gonna need a while to take that in

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Star Wars is dead to me. This just proves how low Lucasarts have fallen

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Oh, dear.

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wow, this is terrible.

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"Lightsaber, ON!" lol not good. Imagine if they said that in the movie...

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I might give it a pass if they hadn't made it about the prequels.  Really?  Killing those droids is no fun, they are retarded pieces of crap that no one thinks are funny.  What happened to the movie series where evil would be shown?

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This makes my heart sad. The demonstrator trying and failing to move the broken tank off the edge of the platform made me cringe. No offense to him - he seemed to be doing his best - but this program needs a lot of work.

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good idea i guess, don't really work in practise though. Some more work needs to be done on this, for one thing the arm movements look really laggy

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why didnt they at least invite start wars kid...assholes


Kinect Mortal Kombat, Koming to a system near you

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New Kinect genre: "On-rails Flailer"

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Looks easy as crap. Swing arms around to win! No lifebar!

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Depressingly unfun and mundane looking game.  Not cool Lucasarts.  Not cool.

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Looked horrible at times, but sometimes the motions were so fast that it looked alright.

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This looks like crap.

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Was forcing the Cloud City scene from V really necessary?

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Oh my fcking god, this was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. Yoda must be rolling in his tiny grave at the stupidity of this.

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Man, I am so happy I didn't buy a Kinect.

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The smirk the guy had on his face any time anything went remotely well definitely didn't help things.

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To quote George Lucas on battle droids, "Yeah Jedis cut 'em down like they're butter, and they really are pretty useless." @ 4:02

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Can you turn off other peoples lightsabers by saying Lightsaber off?

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I can't even.....

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More crap for Kinect. Awesome.

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Yeah, this looks awful.

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@Philosoma said:
Oh my fcking god, this was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. Yoda must be rolling in his tiny grave at the stupidity of this.
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Lucas Arts back to developing Star Wars games? Sad, so sad. They should just leave those games for other devs because they clearly can't do shit with the franchise. 

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Very sluggish gameplay. How do they sleep at night?

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just ruined star wars for me

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Guess this clearly demonstrates the limitations of kinect. Maybe future versions of it will be capable of more, because star wars truly deserves a well made motion sensing game, better yet, with a saber controller (or even two :) ) ... Playstation Move perhaps? ... And all motion sensing games should not be on-rail games... they could release a running pad or something that the user could run on... and control the character movement completely instead of just controlling the upper half.