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first again

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Actually looks awesome, kinda hyped for LBP, but not sure about Vita.

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Sold. This with Uncharted. I'm in. I know people are skeptical with the relevance of the next generation handheld, but my iPhone still can't do this kind of stuff, so f'gettaboutit.

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I love that this game seems to offer things you can't get on the PS3. Unlike the PSP version.

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Cool to have a suite of tools to make touchscreen games. I could never see the point of LBP PSP (not even for free) but I'm down for LBP Vita.

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Looks great. I am going to go download LBP for psp now.

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The 3G would seem useful for this.

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I love the music Mm uses for this franchise.

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I have no use for a Vita but this game looks sweet. 

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This, Uncharted, and the price are the reason I plan on picking one up as soon as I can. I have 10 days after basic I can probably pick one up.

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@Nasos100 said:
first again
Even if you are first again, don't be an ass about it. Nobody likes an ass. 
On topic: I love LBP, but I really don't have time or room in my life for a handheld anymore... It looks cool tho. Too bad they will never make a LBP for the Wii U, now that would be interesting.
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@Osiris: I love asses
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@leejunfan83 said:
@Osiris: I love asses
Even male hairy ones?
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Now that's what I'm talking about.  The definitive version of LBP perhaps?  ...Dang. Think I just decided to get a Vita.
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This actually fantastic -- LBP seems like the perfect game for this device.

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I wonder how many angry birds ripoffs will be made with it xD.

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Seems pretty neat.

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I went into this trailer thinking "Why would I want LBP on PSV?" and came away pretty impressed with the ideas for the game. Looks like a great fit.

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@Pop said:
I wonder how many angry birds ripoffs will be made with it xD.
a LOT. 
anyways this looks like a REALLY ACTUALLY COOL use of touchscreen.  thank god you dont have to use a stylus with this thing.
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That looks awesome. Makes you think of all the cool things you can do with LBP and the ease you can do it with now.

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This has sold me.

I want a Vita now.

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This seems fully functional and not a cut down port.

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i want this

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Holy shit this looks good!

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I can't wait for this to finally be out!