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great job

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great job 
Damnnn.. my closest yet.   Seriously, you had me beat by about 3 seconds. 

Posted by fatalflame

Good job Jermy!!!

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Nice shot, Jeremy.

Posted by Airickson

Oh! You can instantly switch weapons! That makes it much better.

This stuff is never gonna end, is it?

Posted by Hector

Amazing job, Jeremy! 

Posted by HellBrendy

Resistance 3 t-shirt anyone?  
And why are there always 4 people in these commercials? 

Posted by Mumrik

Grrreat job Jeremy!

Posted by BrutalQuipper

Good Job Jeremy!

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Great trailer, Jeremy

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There needs to be an optional commentary from that guy. "Great job, Jeremy" 

Posted by Xpgamer7

Deadmund? That's the best name they could come up with? I could see skeletons fighting Skeletons being fun but that's a horrible name and pun.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

This game doesn't look great, Jeremy.

Posted by Nate_is_my_fake_name

Fucking groundbreaking.

Posted by MeatSim

Jeremy needs to be in this game so you can find him and tell him what great job he has done.

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I'd rather have a MediEvil 3.

Posted by 49th

Großer job, Germany.

Posted by Crass_Commando

they should make a game that uses the move and a dualshock 3 controller. Not simultaneously.  
Lets say its a star wars game. it could be primarily played on the dualshock 3, but then could also have fight scenes that utilize the move for a lightsaber. 

Posted by Milkman

Really picking that low-hanging fruit with the trailer description there...

Posted by kollay

Anya! Ramirez! Jeremy! Great job.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

@TekZero said:

Damnnn.. my closest yet. Seriously, you had me beat by about 3 seconds.

Great job, TekZero.

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I actually like this game, because I always liked on-rails. I just wish they had a better setting or better weapons

Posted by oraknabo

They made Grotto King for the PS3?

Posted by Uberjannie

How does that look fun?

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Watching Jeremy play this game was painfully awkward.

Posted by Luck3ySe7en

"Great Job, Jeremy" achievement needs to become a reality.

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Your mother and I are very proud of you, Jeremy.
I wonder what happened to that Sorcery game?  The motion game from last year that wasn't on rails and looked actually okay.  Going from that to this as your move game demo seems like a step back.

Posted by Grumbel

How do you walk in that game? Is it all just an on-rails shooter or is there some point&clicking going on?

Posted by nnotdead

think the inventory controls are really cool. if they used something similar in Zelda Skyward people would be praising it. that said, the rest of the game looks bland and boring. 

Posted by rmanthorp

Is it Good Job or Great Job?

Posted by IMRavnos

I actually worked with Jeremy Ray at Interplay.  He was an ok guy, although to be honest at the time I worked with him, I was kind of a prick.  Sorry Jeremy. 
On one hand I am jealous that he is with Sony San Diego, on the other hand this game looks really mediocre so maybe I am less jealous now?

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@the_son_of_x51 said:

I've been hoping someone would do this ever since that press conference ended! Did you make this?

Posted by The_son_of_X51

@Rmack said:

@the_son_of_x51 said:

I've been hoping someone would do this ever since that press conference ended! Did you make this?

Yes sir. I'm just surprised no one did it sooner.