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Good game... Good Game... Hopefully better than the last NW...

Posted by rajkosto

damn it leroy

Posted by Waffelito

Second :(

Posted by dox

Some ridiculous metal and sliding walk animations in that trailer. I love D&D but that was pretty lame.

Posted by Vaancor

Defiantly looks good, like the style of it. Let's see some gameplay before I get pumped.

Posted by RVonE

This trailer has twenty seconds of bullshit logos.

Posted by jorbear

I hope this is as good as NWN 2.

Posted by FateOfNever

This has told me almost nothing about the game... 

Posted by DBagalot

Neverwinter? Post-Global Warming?

Posted by JesseCherry


Posted by thejke

@JesseCherry said:


Hasbro owns wizards of the coast. Wizards of the coast make dnd. Neverwinter is based on dnd.

Posted by Klei

The only thing I can say about this game is : 
Fuck yes. 
Hardboiled song, cool-ass artstyle, and Dungeons and Dragons.  The nerd in me awakens.
Posted by Otzlowe

I'd be more interested if it weren't supposedly a micro transaction game. I was a huge fan of the original NWN + expansions, so I want to like this, but I'm pretty skeptical.

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Is this that action rpg Neverwinter game that was briefly mentioned awhile ago that's not anything like the previous Neverwinter Nights or something else? If it's the former it can stay the hell away from me. If it has Neverwinter in the title it has to battle my nostalgia for the original NWN.  I can't settle for anything less than the original game's online capabilities. :\

Posted by StingingVelvet

No offline mode last I heard, which almost surely means no sale from me.  Also I trust Cryptic to make good quests and write good dialogue as much as I trust a wasp to not sting me.

Posted by Example1013

@BelligerentEngine said:

Dragonborn more like, "Fagonborn", no offense to homosexuals, as a mainline race is the most disgusting corruption of a beloved universe as has ever occurred ever. There are other problems with 4th edition, but shit god damn Dragonborn bro, gimme a sec I think I'll just end it here because life is not worth living with Dragonborn in my D&D.

Is it anything like Draconic or Half-Dragon? Those are pretty badass. Especially Half-Dragons. But they're kind of fucked because of the level adjustment.

Posted by Norusdog

considering who's doing it.  blargh.
certain shit game

Posted by uberscooby

I'm excited, but at the same time...I don't like cryptic. I really hope this isn't terrible.

Posted by Xpgamer7

I have no idea what to think of this.

Posted by fox01313

New developer but still looks interesting. Definitely looking forward to it.

Posted by Raakill

I hope it's good. D&D is very under represented in video games of late.

Posted by TheChaos

But can I be a Drow Monk/Barbarian?

Posted by Cessate
@Maiko: LOLWUT? NW2 ruled beyond reason.
Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray

I cast Magic Missile... At the darkness!

Read other insightful developer comments like this at "can-I-have-a-mountain-dew.com"

I think we need to make a page decicated to simplified sequals for Bioware classics; already belonging there is Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Mass Effect 2 (Despite being wonderful) and Dragon Age 2.

Hell, as long as it doesn't involve Kinect support and has a developing cycle longer than a year, I'm in.

Posted by TheSmashing
Posted by ryanwho

Its hard to follow up from Neverwinter Nights 2, as anyone who's actually played the game knows.

Posted by SadisticWOlf

Cryptic? Thanks, but no.

Posted by bellmont42

I'm not sure its really fair to keep comparing this to the Neverwinter NIGHTS series. It merely takes place in and around Neverwinter.

Posted by Marz

So is this a single player adventure with co-op or is it an MMO.   Never known cryptic to make good single player stories.

Posted by ProjektGill

Looks better than Daggerdale?.......

Posted by Mr_Skeleton


Posted by CallMeRotten

If by co-op RPG they mean more a long the lines of hack and slash Diablo/Dark Alliance style then I'm all for it, as long as it's free to play. Whatever song they had rockin' in the background helped sell me on it, swords and sorcery and heavy riffs are always a sexy combo.

Posted by geirr

I'd be more interested in a Neverwinter game and not whatever this is pretending to be.

What a joke.

Posted by Abendlaender

Please......just stop
and btw.
Where is my Neverwinter Nights 3?

Posted by radioactivez0r
@FateOfNever: You've giving it too much credit.  I'd simply say it told me absolutely nothing about the game.
Posted by WinterSnowblind

Cryptic aren't exactly known for making high quality name, this seems to very badly be trying to leech off the Neverwinter Nights name.

I'm also worried by the fact that they're calling this an "online co-op RPG" rather than an MMO, yet still haven't discussed pricing details, which leads me to think there will be a subscription. When they're going up against actual MMO's, like Guild Wars 2, which is likely to be a thousand times higher quality, better gameplay AND free, I don't know how they think they can get away with that.

Posted by InertiaticESP

Completely rediculous trailer. Far too metal for something in the FR. Funny though, I'm in the middle of a Baldur's Gate re-playthrough right now. Fallout 2 is next.

Posted by CrashBomber

I'm in the middle of playing NWN2 right now actually, so I would love this to be great.

Posted by colinjw

I am sure I have played this already. Wait this is new? Are you sure? Really, huh.

Posted by amomjc

They are going to ruin this franchise by abusing a title they should not use. Just because it takes place AROUND Neverwinter, does not mean you use the damned name. Not to mention, why the **** did they recruit Cryptic for a successful title when they have nothing to go by?

Edited by TekZero
@InertiaticESP said:

Completely rediculous trailer. Far too metal for something in the FR. Funny though, I'm in the middle of a Baldur's Gate re-playthrough right now. Fallout 2 is next.

Lol same here, I just hit chapter 4 in BG 2.  Fallout 1 is next for me, then NWN, NWN2.  My backlog is HUGE.
Edited by chizfoshiz

Why is everyone so mad at Cryptic? You know it's Atari's fault this game even began production right?
Thanks to those backwards idiots Cryptic are spread thin across two MMO's and whatever this is supposed to be.
EDIT: Pricing for this is also in Atari's hands for now.

Posted by Squidtech

Do we actually know if this is related to Neverwinter Nights? Where is Bioware?
It could be a different franchise.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

Is this actually confirmed to be an MMO? I got the impression thats a regular game with 4 player coop.

Posted by Romination


Posted by Xshinobi

Hmm... Cryptic so you know it is going to be a broken mess at release.

Posted by TorMasturba

@Squidtech said:

Do we actually know if this is related to Neverwinter Nights? Where is Bioware? It could be a different franchise.

Actually the Neverwinter nights games were made by Atari and Obsidian Entertainment.

@Everyone_in_general: This game makes me sad, why couldn't they just make NVN3?!

Waaaaaahhhhhhh!! (Crying!)

Posted by FlipperDesert

Gotta take a real badass to totally ignore a dragon landing behind you and roaring.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

@FlipperDesert: valid point

Posted by Zonto

Looks cool, too bad it will probably be 4th edition rules.

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