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Wow. That's quite the visual leap forward.

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There is a LOT happening on the screen in this game. And boy, oh, boy; does it look good. The team at insomniac has always been able to literally stuff the screen full of high-polygon models. Not sure what black magic it is that they're using; but their dark gods have clearly blessed their third venture into the realm of jaw-dropping.

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This is a game I do have interest in.

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Looking good.

I'm glad to see you can carry more than two weapons at a time again!

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yeah its impressive how much better the graphics are 

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That first gun sounds fierce. Goodness.

I always felt like resistance never really got a chance to shine, hopefully Insomnia pulls it off this time.

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This is 2011, why are these graphics so bad?

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looks fine... I guess.

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Sweet, awesome graphics as well.

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It's dark and has great detail but I'm not sure I want that right now.

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Insomniac and Naughty Dog are incredible. They both put out unbelievable quality and quantity of games. Sony is lucky to have such great partners.To be honest other than Sony these seem like they have figured out the PS3 better than anyone. I am super pumped to see Insomiacs Multiplat OverStrike game to see what they can do with the 360 as well. Deffinatly picking up Resistane and Ratchet

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Cant wait for this.

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@PrivateIronTFU said:

Wow. That's quite the visual leap forward.

Indeed. As someone who wasn't a huge fan of the first two, this looks great.

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Graphics look very good, but the game itself is not interesting at all, looks mediocore as hell.

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Nice visuals - too bad they are being used in service of something that looks kind of drab and boring. Even the stage demo itself just sort of fizzled out with a fart.

- Scott

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Rains hitting that guy in the eyeballs and he's not blinking.

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i hope this game is successful.  the series had such great potential.  its too bad because in all honesty, i enjoyed the story...

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Such an improvement in graphics from R2. It's amazing what Insomniac and Criterion have done with their games once they step down from 60 fps.  
Hopefully the gameplay and environments match the huge step-up in graphical fidelity.

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Never really was interested in any of the Resistance games. This video doesn't change my mind.

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Love this series and can't wait to play this game. Insomniac always does a rocking job.

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This looks a LOT better than Resistance 2, but I still don't think it's quite there...I still feel like you're controlling a hovering camera that just glides over everything. And the grenade throwing looked just weird. But enemy animation was fantastic, and at the least the guns sound stronger, though don't necessarily have a satisfying recoil animation. I hate to use the word but, I think it needs to be more visceral of a game.

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Just played through this section last night.  And man, actually running through it I was impressed how intense and sharp looking the whole sequence was.
I've been very impressed with this game so far, including the multiplayer.  Lots of variety, and despite the smaller scale, certain sections are pretty heart pounding.  Or terrifying (damn grims!).
And one sequence that surprised (and depressed) the hell outta me.  I couldn't believe it, and I still got a couple hours left to go.  Curious what else they have in store.