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More Resistance? Eh

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Still undecided on this... 

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This game looks like it's going to be bad. I really want that Playstation TV but it's only bundled with this. I'll wait for an Uncharted 3 bundle.
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I really want the Resistance that they showed in 2005. Try to make THAT game please. Platoon of troops charging a village and coming across the Chimera. That trailer had a really gray, almost x-files like feel to it. I want that game.

Posted by CitizenKane

Meh, I have always found the Resistance games to be kinda boring and generic.

Posted by Korolev

The story should be interesting: from what I've gathered, the Chimera have pretty much won by this point - there is no US left to save, or world for that matter, only loose small, bunch of scavenging humans. So even if they somehow destroy the Chimera totally, the world is still a smoking ruin.

It's a bit odd that the story has the odds so heavily stacked against the protagonists from the beginning, almost to the point in which it would be absurd for the Chimera to lose.

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Chimera rule U.S.? No problem this guy threw away his medals so he obviously has this one in the bag!

Posted by ShaneDev

I always thought the story and setting of these games was kinda interesting but the gameplay always looked really boring and they never really had my interest.

Posted by MisterMouse

well even if this game isnt good that box art is awesome.

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@ShaneDev: The gameplay in R1 was really tight and the guns were creative and really entertaining to use. R2 kind of went off the rails going to a 2 gun system like every other shooter and losing a lot in the process. Hopefully they've learnt from their mistakes and can make a great game again but it's definitely wait and see at this point for me.

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Lookit all that brown and bloom!

Posted by ShaneDev
@gunslingerNZ: See thats the thing R1 was really interesting to me. Its setting and some of the guns looked really cool but I didn't have a Playstation at the time. Then R2 comes out and looks a lot less interesting in the story department (a big complaint in reviews) and then the gameplay looked really boring (thats not a great complaint since I haven't played it) on top of that and I lost any interest by the time I did get a Playstation. 
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@CitizenKane said:

Meh, I have always found the Resistance games to be kinda boring and generic.

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its by insomniac, so im in. plus the fact that gameplay wise its more like resistance 1. the weapon wheel is back! the answer to the "consoles dont have the number pad therefore you cant have multiple weapons in console games, only 2" "argument"! why is insomniac the only one to figure out this problem??

Posted by sopranosfan

I like the Resistance games.  I have always thought they measure up favorably with most other scifi shooters.

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I liked the more colorful palette of Resistance 2, but I can do without if it makes for a more interesting game. I enjoyed the last one, but I couldn't force myself to sit through it again and the multiplayer was not fun in the slightest; looking forward to seeing what R3 has to offer, for sure.

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I want to see the multiplayer. In the last game every battle felt like a war, and I want to see more of that.

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it has a cool end of the world feel to it.  i dont get why they changed Capelli's look so much though...  sure he looked like a meat head with a toque but he looks so much more different in this game...  oh well ill see how the reviews are and ill decide my purchase at that point

Posted by Apollo87

I really don't like how Insomniac appears to be struggling to give the game a cohesive look, I mean I really liked the feel of the first game, then they completely changed it with the second, and this seems different from either. 
Not sold on this one so far I hope they nail it just because the first Resistance had a very unique feel and I hold it in some special regard since it was my first PS3 game along with Warhawk.

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I think Resistance 3 will be the best Resistance yet, its story is very unique and different than other games, it's not a fight against a threat of some kind, the damage has been done, it's over, the Chimera won it all.
In a desperate, hopeless attempt, humanity is throwing everything against the wall looking for something to stick.
The Chimera are the dominant species now, humans are the prey, and there is not an elite squad to turn the tables in an epic battle of sorts, only scattered resistance fighters without a government to organize.

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looking good

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the demo at sony's pc was lame

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Resistance 3 looks awesome and has been given a much needed face lift. Hopefully it'll play more like Resistance 1, than Resistance 2.

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I don't like that one guys odds against the giant robot.

Posted by LiquidPrince

@CitizenKane said:

Meh, I have always found the Resistance games to be kinda boring and generic.

Agreed. However three is the first one that looks semi impressive.

Posted by crazycatguy

R2 had some fantastic looking set pieces, but the actual gameplay was boring. I never finished it. 

Posted by ManlyScream

This trailer has me interested again in Resistance, but the last two had me interested and failed to deliver. It also seems odd that once Insomniac goes third party they didn't show the new ratchet or the new Resistance even though they are coming this fall. Sign of things to come or this is the last line for those games maybe?

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Cool. Looks like Liam Neeson vs Aliens.