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Posted by rjayb89

My body is ready for you, Lara.

Posted by kerse

Can't wait for this game.

Posted by NintenDood

God, I want this game so bad

Posted by noby_guy

dirty Lara is sexy! This game looks really great.

Posted by Banzai_NL

Haha, the ending was great. :D

Posted by Dark_Twist

Dinosaurs Confirmed !! ^^

Posted by SammyB123

the opening to this was absolute gold! this is why readers move from gamespot to giantbomb, it's where the awesome is

keep it up guys!

Posted by MisterMouse

first interview of E3! Stoked!

Posted by YoThatLimp

Dinosaurs confirmed.


Posted by wrathofconn

The environmental stuff in this game looks super awesome, I am now way more excited, albeit cautiously so.

Posted by Chris2KLee

This is easily the most excited I have ever been for a Tomb Raider game.

Posted by Vinny_Says

more interviews please

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Square N-X ? I always thought it was E-nix. My whole world is turned upside down.
Also open world Tomb Raider and metroidvanis awwwww yeahhhh.

Posted by Chuck_

Game looks really interesting.

Posted by demonbear

I really get where they are going with this and I approve 100% Can't be more excited than this for a tomb raider game in a post-Uncharted 2 era.

Posted by Xpgamer7

@Chris2KLee said:

This is easily the most excited I have ever been for a Tomb Raider game.

Posted by X19

Very promising.

Posted by ValiantGrizzly

Wet Boobs: The Videogame.

Posted by Lazyaza

E3 demo sold me on this, game looks like it will be amazing.

Posted by TheChaos

Haven't felt this way about Lara since I was 12.

Posted by Abomstar

This does a much better job of selling the concept than the conference demo did. Tomb Raider is possibly #1 on my list of franchises that are undeservedly embedded in pop culture. I don't even consider this "finally doing justice" to the franchise, because what it has always been is clumsy and one-dimensional. I'll be receptive to the idea of it being an IP that took 15+ years to earn its own popularity though.

Posted by BigFatSamurai

Really looking forward to this. I loved the Tomb Raider games back in the day but the franchise has become so stale and dated that i've not been excited about a Tomb Raider game since about 1998.

The demo looks amazing. If they are promising a much more visceral experience in a gripping setting where i feel involved with the character and the story...I'm sold!

Posted by Ventilaator

Even people working on Tomb Raider call her Laura. 

Posted by PhatSeeJay

I want this so freaking much.

Posted by StandStrong

Nice to see a interview up on the site, and this game sounds great. Really like the concept of the game, hope it's gonna turn out great!

Posted by StriderJ87

I really like what I've seen so far. Looks like something fairly new.

Posted by Skanker

Having played Tomb Raider all my life I'm actually glad she's getting a reboot; she really did need it to stay afloat nowadays. So excited for this game!

Posted by buft

looks good but i've been burnt by Lara before

Posted by bioblood22

I've never liked the TR games but I liked the look and style of this one, I have to admit, I might check this one out.

Posted by RagingLion

Want to hear more about the style of larger-structure gameplay in this.  Who are the antagonists...specific individuals, tribes/factions, the island and the environment itself?  Will there be an open world to explore - will that be a linear one?

Posted by taylormadeblue

Yeah, never really liked the old games, but I'm genuinely looking forward to this. Hope they deliver.

Posted by 234r2we232
@buft said:
looks good but i've been burnt by Lara before
Same. Everything they're talking about here reminds me all that was promised for Underworld :/
Posted by Hector
I'm really excited and can't wait to play this new Lara Croft game.
Posted by RVonE

Very much looking forward to this game.

Posted by NXH

Wow! The first time ever I am actually looking forward to a Tomb Raider game.
It's so blatantly obvious that they've took influences from the Uncharted games, which in my mind is a good move on their part. As it was the tomb raider games that started the whole modern indiana jones game in the first place. Still prefer Uncharted tho.

Posted by ErEl

Really looking forward to this. Looks like they're taking the series back to its roots and has been influenced by the same original titles in the series that games like Uncharted were influenced by.

Posted by pancakehumper

Cannot wait to play this new rebooted Tomb Raider series. Looks fantastic, hopefully gameplay video of the outdoor environment Jeff was talking about gets released.

Posted by Anwar

I'm ready for some interviews, GB REPRESENT!

Posted by Luck3ySe7en

I have an uneasy feeling that the concepts in this game will change in the upcoming year :(

Posted by Davey

But i love hotpants!

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Dinosaurs are confirmed lol. I love it, I have been a fan for so long and its finally coming into the modern era, and I liked the last 3 TR games. This one just feels so refreshing.

Posted by Sammo21

So this is a Laura Croft game where they finally decided to play Heavy Rain and Uncharted? Sure.

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looking forward to it, why no short shorts? 

Posted by DallasTheGamer

Now I'm really excited!

Posted by DaveMoshi
@rjayb89: gross. But it does look good, the game that is
Posted by Ceno

Looking forward to this.

Posted by RyShe

I'm interested in a Tomb Raider game, WTF?

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

Love the dude's look after Ryan's Dinosaur comment. Gotcha! You done been scooped.

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

Just watched this video to completion, aren't I supposed to get some Quest progress for that?

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@sammo21 said:

So this is a Laura Croft game where they finally decided to play Heavy Rain and Uncharted? Sure.

Why do people say Laura, when it's clearly Lara?