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Posted by GlenTennis

Best Deck Ever.

Posted by bkfountain

more wii play

Posted by Hizang

I enjoyed the original Wii Play, and this looks set to top that.

Posted by nan0fear

my play reward is GOLD

Posted by MysteriousBob

A mini game collection on the Wii? Huh, I guess that radical thinking could work.

Posted by Kjellm87

After E3 I noticed quite a few new Wii game trailers, I wonder why they didn't show them at E3.
Mario Party 9, heck ya.

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Posted by Devoid

Wait. Has it really taken this long for Whack-a-mole to be on the Wii?

Posted by TehFlan

Looks fun.

Posted by TeflonBilly

Dammit, it stopped just when it started to get saucy!

@Devoid said:

Wait. Has it really taken this long for Whack-a-mole to be on the Wii?

There's miniature few second version in WarioWare Smooth Moves

Posted by MannAlive

Has an actor from one of these clean living room demo ads ever gone on to get another acting gig?

Posted by Xpgamer7

This seems fun, although I expect paid actors to be football pumped.

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Posted by Babylonian

Straight up, these folks need to win Best Simulated Family of E3. Mommy and Billy in particular were real standouts in the Horrifically Overenthused Faces category.

Posted by MeatSim

The Wii only plays mini-games and that's it.

Posted by Tricky69

To make these kinda trailers more interesting they should have one of them lose and scream, "Fuck, bollocks, cunt, twat, shit !" and have no reactions from the other family members, who carry on regardless.

The MILF quota is staying reasonably consistent as well.