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Video games

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Are not compatible

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Hey there at the Conga Room, the security there are real aholes.

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Lang rules

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chicks dig the baird

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Tony Hawk is getting old.

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"Do you want to talk to Tony Hawk?" is my new favourite Giant Bomb related quote.

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Man, Jeff just pulled an awesome Tony Hawk interview out of his ass. That's outstanding work.

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I like how that guy randomly appeared and asked, "do you wanna talk to tony hawk" lmfao hahaha

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Awesome videos across the board, Interesting interviews also.

"Wanna talk to Tony Hawk? .... Sure!"

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Tony Hawk looks an awful lot like Steve McQueen. I like that.

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I fuckin' love John Drake.

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That bum rush Tony Hawk interview was great, love you GB

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a random tony hawk appears!!

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I love that Tony Hawk actually remembers details about the Tokyo level in Pro Skater 3.

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Dave Lang is pretty cool.


Drake, can you teach me how to Dougie?

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The Wreckateer guy is amazing.

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The only thing better than guy randomly asking "Do you want to talk to Tony Hawk?" is how high Jeff's voice got on the "Yeah, sure". That really caught him off guard. But that was a great impromptu interview. Well done sir!

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Oh good Dave Lang is great in this.

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I like that Tony Hawk actually knows a lot about the games with his name on it. Pretty cool.

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Tony Hawk is so awkward! Who knew?

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That Tony Hawk interview was kind of weird but I completely understand the way Jeff acted; those games are literally video game masterpieces.

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These interviews are great, keep em coming!

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God fucking damn, I love Dave Lang. I just can't help but laugh like a crazy person at the notion of a game where "you must be this tall to play" not because of safety reasons, but because the person making it just wanted to make it for tall people lol.

I really hope someone does that one day just for the hell of it...

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Hey, how about changing the title of this video to make it stand out between all the trailers and demos? Almost skipped this one when I scrolled through my feed reader.

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Jeff is a PRO. Sometimes I just want to grab his wobbly chops and give them a real good squeez 'n shake. I love you Jeff.

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@Gunslinger0130 said:

I fuckin' love John Drake.

Yeah, the man has an undeniable charisma.

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John Drake is a gosh-durned champion.

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Aww, Is this the first time jeff has interviewed him? I seem to remember something about him missing the interview last time... Also Jeffs so excited and nervous!

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Man, why does Jeff hate that Dance Central guy so much?

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Oh god i just caught the Big Bo reference, i fucking love this site.

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cant we clone John Drake? :(

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An really impressive job by Jeff there.

The rapport he has with the devs and reps is unrivalled. Bravo.

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Wait, wouldn't "stealing someone else's groove" be considered a dance crime?

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@Gunslinger0130 said:

I fuckin' love John Drake.
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That was pretty great. I wish people would come to me and ask if I wanted to talk with Tony Hawk :(

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I actually got really excited when "Want to interview Tony Hawk?" happened.

It's like I vicariously lived through that experience through Jeff. Awesome.

Also, as a tall person, I'm always ticked off by urinals that are way too low to the ground. Consider the big people!

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Tony Hawk being excited about DLC is depsressing.

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Who was that sexy meat goddess dancing behind Drake?

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I liked downhill jam too, Tony.

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Tony Hawk seems like a nice guy. I thought it was going to be really awkward at first considering the whole TH: Ride debacle.

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I'm not really a fan of baird but i'm not sure where all the Jeff/giantbomb animosity from baird comes from. For a long time i thought they were just being sarcastic

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@hbkdx12 said:
I'm not really a fan of baird but i'm not sure where all the Jeff/giantbomb animosity from baird comes from. For a long time i thought they were just being sarcastic
He's just a lame, boring character. 
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"So I just talked to tony hawk and he said your game sucked" lol

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I like how Tony is actually familiar with his own games and involved, I'm sure no one would blame him if he just let them put his name on the games and collect a check.

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I didn't know that Tony Hawk smells like feet.

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Tony Hawk is awesome, I hope there can be some awesome new TH games released in the future cause I really do miss the franchise.