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yay another one...

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I still think this game looks rad.

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@MooseyMcMan said:

I still think this game looks rad.


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Ro-bahtz. Also, game looks great. I love what Treyarch does with the series.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, facial animation is really good.

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Rad as heck.

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This time.... the OPS.... will be......... BLACK....... 2!

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Call Of Duty: Ghost Recon Ops

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Troooy Bakerrr!

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essentially an immediate turret sequence...

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Yay, Jennifer Hale!

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This looked extremely boring, there were barely any enemies and there was a lot of stupid shit in it like charging up bullets to penetrate walls. The buildings and guns all looked like they had been ripped from Battlefield 2142 too.

It just looks like COD with elements of GRAW and the design of BF2142

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Future Combat!

How do Treyarch make their weapons look so... fat?

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Looks like a good addition to the franchise. They'll need to make that campaign at least 8 hours to get me to pay full price though - not that they're dying for my business.

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Get bent, Madame President!

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Is it just me or does those graphics looks kind of... bad? Like, the textures look very low-res. It may just be because it's and early build or something, but I remember Black Ops (not the best looking game) looking better than this.

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wow that presentation was kinda rough, I thought it crashed when he was sniping. Here's hoping that this game differs more from previous Call of Duty games than this trailer led me to believe.

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I wish they would have showed the squad management stuff from the map screen. Either way, still excited to play.

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Really prefer Treyarch's take on COD. I think I always have. Also, the sequel we're all really waiting for:

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The best thing about this is Michael Rooker's voice.

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Still not interested in the COD series anymore.

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That looks extremely dull.

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Nice. Finally some new IP

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Better not kill another awesome rapper in this game. Also deep storyline. Also Treyarch has come into their own now. This should be their CoD4.

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Constant Volume 11

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am i the only one who got a headache from wattching this

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That lady in the jet was a chatty Kathy. Also maybe Jennifer Hale?

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Screw you cod hatin hipsters

I like me some cod, so does 12 million others. Bring it!

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the sniper rifle seems too powerful... jeff is not gonna like it

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is that Troy Baker?

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I skipped 3 entirely.. I'll buy it on sale to play through the story to finish it out. This will be a day one purchase for me, it looks great.

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I think that might be Liam O'Brien as David Mason.

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The explosions are not allowed to stop ever.

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@IanYarborough: Id much rather play this