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SO many videos so little time.

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No thanks. Most Cryptic MMOs aren't very good.

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What news of the waterdhavian creatures?

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Nice get on the license, but they would have to do something pretty unique to pull any kind of player base.

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It's good to see the Neverwinter Nights graphics engine is still alive and kicking! Who am I kidding, this is super-lazy.

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cheesy ass game footage

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Year of the (Big) Bow.

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I want to look forward to this, I just... oh, hey. Something more interesting.

/unrepentent NWN2 fan

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No model shadows and clipping through floor.. Not something to make a trailer of..

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So far this game looks pretty blah. I'm also not really a fan of the character animations, it appears as if the people of Neverwinter have had a little too much caffeine.

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Goddamit. I wanted KOTOR 3, not SWTOR.

I wanted Neverwinter Nights 3, not this.

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This feels like Bizarro Lord of the Rings, right down to the script and sound of the voice over.

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Elder Scrolls Online sure is looking generic.



#toomanygenericMMOs (which doesn't exist, but should)

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Actually, this looks blatantly better than what they've shown of Elder Scrolls Online.

Can we just man up and admit though, that free-to-play in regards to MMOs is a thinly veiled excuse for lazy game design?

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It might look bland, but they're actually doing things that are innovative to the mmo industry, such as incorporating player-created quests and such.

I want this to be good. I want it to be what DDO was supposed to be, I really do. That being said, it probably won't be. Rohok was right in saying most Cryptic MMOs just aren't very good.

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I want you guys to know: The lead on this, Jack Emmert? He owns thirty two siamese cats.

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What they need to do with this is ship it with an amazing toolkit so people can (potentially) make content at least as good as they can, then have an in-game system where they can sort it and sell it for $$, with the $$ split between creator and Cryptic. In my experience, Cryptic make decent games but with weak or not enough content. Allow a cottage industry of decent pseudo-DMs to build up around the game and they should never be short of interesting content.

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@dr_mantas said:

Goddamit. I wanted KOTOR 3, not SWTOR.

I wanted Neverwinter Nights 3, not this.


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The user creation stuff in Star Trek Online is really good, but Cryptic bury it away in the menus somewhere and do little to draw attention to it. If they're really making a Neverwinter MMO with similar tools, they really need to make it a bigger part of the game and put a huge amount of focus on it.

And this still looks better than Elder Scrolls Online.

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Brilliant, I have been dying on a generic fantasy MMO to go free2play for ages.........

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Cryptic will ruin an otherwise excellent franchise. BioWare will be disappointed.

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The look reminds me of Amalur: Reckoning.

Well, I look forward to tinkering in the character creator at least.

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Oh look, another MMO. My excitement level for this project just went from barely existing to absolute zero.

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Did I see a kobold? Do kobolds exist in the Neverwinter universe?

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@Rohok said:

No thanks. Most Cryptic MMOs aren't very good.

looking at the list of their MMOs, why do they even keep doing them?

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too bad Cryptic makes shitty MMO's..or I might actually want to play this.

what a crap company

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@ChuckDeNomolos said:

I want you guys to know: The lead on this, Jack Emmert? He owns thirty two siamese cats.

That should be some kind of crime against... a lot of things.

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the next generic <put-in-brand> MMO

it's called 'fragmenting the market'

... good luck with that, Hasbro.

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unnnnnnngh this is generic.

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Why, why are they making an MMO. Why don't they make another (good) Neverwinter Nights game. :[

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That trailer was so generic. There was a time when I would get quite excited about a new MMO. Those days are long gone.

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I really liked the neverwinter nights games.
I am certain this will play like any other generic mmo and not like a neverwinter nights game. That sucks.

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You know, it breaks my heart to say it but that... that did not look good.

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Why are people still making MMOs?!

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This is just here because of year of the bow right?

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Cryptic puts out pretty good quality free to play MMOs, anyone just saying stuff to stay stuff about MMOs should go try out DDO, a terrible game they actualy managed to salvage into a good product.

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This year of the bow stuff is getting tiresome