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No thanks

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Come on Baby let's go, NUGGZ 2012

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Muse Nuggets are for lovers.

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Donna Summer? Too Soon Hamonix, Too soon!

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Best title ever

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I guess... :)

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@endaround said:

Donna Summer? Too Soon Hamonix, Too soon!

that's Gloria Gaynor, disco n00b

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Lets make it harded to see the moves by adding trails....FUCKING SMARTNESS!

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@hastapura: Thanks. ;)

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@bunnymud: they did that in the last one. Bit slow on the uptake there bunny...

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I haven't put in the hours into DC2 like I did the original but I'm stoked for this.

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was that last song called Do it in the Butt?

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No John Drake? No sale!

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Yes, please!