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Posted by kalmia64

GTA for kids!

Edited by goglibody

SO excited for this. The first I mean. I apologize.

Posted by Butler

This looks awesome.

Posted by Slurpelve

This looks great compared to other Lego games.

Posted by Redsox44

Wow this makes me want a Wii U

Posted by RazielCuts

Other than ZombiU this was probably the best thing at the Nintendo Conf, who woulda thunk it.

Posted by Blackout62

"I can't tell you he'll take me apart." Sold! If they are committing themselves to Lego puns then I am totally sold.

Posted by Irvandus

Wow, like no seriously wow.

Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

"Why was that even their?" made me laugh out loud.

Posted by Coleslaw893

This looks surprisingly awesome.

Posted by Sweetz

Ok you know what, I'm back on board; talking is ok in LEGO games as long as it's all cheesy pun riddled dialog.

Posted by ZenaxPure

Really excited for this honestly, looks legit amazing.

Posted by AnjinM

That was great. Glad to see Traveller's Tales working on a non-licensed game. Um, you know what I mean.

Posted by JCrichton

building the pipe from super mario bros then going in it..SOLD .....Im going to preorder a Wii U right now....well soon....sometime.....maybe

Posted by pekoe212

:O WHAT. Oh this looks fun.

Posted by LobsterVendetta

Damn, it has been a good while since they've made a real Lego game and this actually looks like fun. I'm also enjoying the cheesy dialogue. This may just be the first Lego game I will play since the original Lego Star Wars.

Posted by RobotHamster

You know what'll sell me on this game if I had a Wii U is a pizza delivery side quest, while riding a skateboard.

Posted by HonkeyKong

Thats it... Im getting a Wii U!!!

Posted by MoltenBoron

He totally pulled that guys hand off. What a jerk.

Posted by beachonthemoon

Excited to hear more about the 3DS version as well.

Posted by Phoenix87

Lego City > GTA V

Posted by ma_rc_01

Fuck that clown, He's under arrest.

Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

This should be on 360/PS3. This TT games is ruining a great opportunity.

Posted by S0ndor

Not gonna lie, that was cool.

Posted by Rabid619

This trailer was such a pleasant surprise, good to see TT getting to make their own game, and this looks both hilarious and fun. Excited to play this eventually, don't know when I'll be getting a Wii U, though.

Posted by sethshandor

This looks really cool!

Matrix gags, though? Really?

Posted by jukeboxzer0

@RazielCuts: WHAT ABOUT PROJECT P-100!

Posted by huser

Awesome. "Why is that even there?"

Posted by RazielCuts

@jukeboxzer0: I said 'at the Nintendo Conference', was a shame they didn't show P-100 because it looks awesome, maybe their conference wouldn't of been so much of a disappointment if they had.

Posted by grendelpierat

I still imagine an open world Lego game like this could work online, somehow injecting the crazyfun of games like SR3 with powers up from all the different product lines (and even a chance for the move licence tie-ins as a promo).

Edited by ch3burashka

I was completely sold on this when they showed a solitary logo last year. Absolutely stoked to play it. From what I understand, all the Lego games have blended together somewhat (punch baddies, collect Lego gems, rinse repeat) but a Lego rendition of GTA will be awesome.

@sethshandor said:

This looks really cool!

Matrix gags, though? Really?

Think about this: There are some kids out there that don't know that it was a Matrix gag because they were too young to see it. Some don't even know it exists.

Posted by Minifig

@IndeedCodyBrown said:

This should be on 360/PS3. This TT games is ruining a great opportunity.

There's still a chance, they didn't say it was an exclusive to the Wii-U.

Posted by Chet_Rippo

wow, this is surprisingly cool looking.

Posted by Deusoma

I am genuinely bummed that this is a Wii U exclusive.

Posted by damswedon

This trend of Lego dudes being able to talk real is bullshit.

Posted by briangodsoe


Posted by MTSaSquatch

This is GTA 5?

Posted by Truckalicious

This seems like exactly the kind of Lego game I hoped would get made. Well played, Tt.

Posted by zoozilla

@damswedon said:

This trend of Lego dudes being able to talk real is bullshit.

I tend to agree, though I don't think the lines in this trailer were too offensive.

Still, I can see it getting real annoying over the course of an entire game.

Posted by wsowen02


Posted by vinsanityv22

@kalmia64 said:

GTA for kids!

GTA for everybody, I'd say:)

Love the humor, the Prince of Persia style platforming, kung fu fighting, fun vehicles, the radar view used to find criminals...all it needs now is an LA Noire style gameplay mechanic to let me accuse random LEGO people of lying and I'm sold!

Posted by Grilledcheez

Do you have to be a cop?

Posted by kennybaese

Goddammit, I don't WANT to buy a Wii U! Over under on how long it takes for this to be ported to another console?

Posted by lead_farmer

I smiled the whole time.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

@Grilledcheez said:

Do you have to be a cop?

This way you have an excuse to be stealing cars and such, they're not going to let you play as a criminal.

I think the subtitle is an obvious indication there will be sequels though. Last year this was simply "Lego City Stories". Not sure how I feel about the voices yet, but this was easily one of the best games shown at the conferences.

Posted by PeasForFees

@zoozilla said:

@damswedon said:

This trend of Lego dudes being able to talk real is bullshit.

I tend to agree, though I don't think the lines in this trailer were too offensive.

Dude, Lego Island had voices, If anything them not being able to talk is out of the norm.

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar

So, yeah... Seems I am going to have to get a Wii U now.

Posted by Kaddion

@PeasForFees: Glad someone beat me to it.

Posted by Mikemcn

Haha, "He'll pull me apart!" Because he's a lego. Actually looks very cool.

Posted by MeatSim

This is one of the few games shown at the press conference that I liked what I saw.

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