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Posted by Sauce_McFly


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EDIT - Not to spam. I love the art style, but weirdly as good as Master Chief looks objectively, he looks dated in art design in comparison to his surroundings.

Posted by poheroe


Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

Yep. Buyin' it the second it's available!

Posted by JCHenderson

Orange goo gives me lost planet feel.

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I can't stress how great this game looks from an artistic point of view. Probably because it has more color palettes than fucking brown and grey compared to the rest that they showed at the show. Excluding Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3 of course.

Posted by CookieMonster

Even with the introduction of new enemies, I'm still on the fence about this one. It looks like I'll be picking this one up on the cheap, for the minute.

Posted by Terrellism

Omg. I would have been happy with just the last minute of video! This game blew me away.

Posted by big_jon


Posted by Bobby_The_Great

Thank god for a new enemy type, and I can't help but love the Metroid Prime art style and visor. My fears have been abated.

Posted by TheHBK

So why did it take this long for the graphics to impress? Are they finally off that Halo 2 upresing crap?

Posted by The_Nubster

Serious Metroid Prime vibe from the get-go.

Posted by PimblyCharles

oh looky, it's a Predator

Posted by caseyg

The guns sound cool.

Posted by Scodiac

Way to be 343. Looks great. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Posted by nmarchan

@The_Nubster said:

Serious Metroid Prime vibe from the get-go.

I came to post the same thing. The new enemies (minus the flaming skull when they get close) seem very similar in design to the Space Pirates, the little drone enemy reminds me of the machines from Sanctuary Fortress in MP2, and the visor thing of course.

Posted by Agamembar

@huser: that could be intentional as by the standard of the spartan program in-universe he is outdated even with the new armor, isn't he an older spartan program? I can't remember the program number he was part of at the minute

Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

Anyone see the Watch Dogs footage they just showed at the Ubi press conference? Is it just me or does everything else look like shit after seeing that?

Posted by Vandical

Still like Watch Dogs the best so far but this actually makes me want to play Halo again. Although from the live action Halo 4 trailer stuff I was hoping Halo would move more towards creepy atmospheric shooter with its unknown aliens, but oh well.

Posted by Scodiac

@Agamembar said:

@huser: that could be intentional as by the standard of the spartan program in-universe he is outdated even with the new armor, isn't he an older spartan program? I can't remember the program number he was part of at the minute

He's a Spartan II and the Spartans they've been showing for this game are IVs.

Posted by dream431ca

Not bad, but not great. I'm not a big Halo fan and this is not gonna change that.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

People liked that Halo 4 demo? Really? It looked dull. I think the Splinter Cell demo right after it blew it out of the water. Halo's game play looks very dated, its a corridor shooter no matter where they put it Canyons become corridors... jungles become corridors....crashed ships become corridors. Do they think fans would get confused if they were not being lead by the nose?

Posted by 234r2we232

Looks like someone watched those XCOM trailers.

Posted by AthleticShark

More people feeding the machine. We did not need another Halo game.

Posted by TorMasturba

Looks good. 343 have done well, I just hope the new single player campaign is as good as it looks.

Posted by MistaSparkle

Visuals looked super nice! Can't wait to see more. I'm happy to be excited about Halo! Great job by 343.

Posted by satch919

I have grown tired of the Halo franchise but this looks pretty awesome.

Watch Dogs has to be my favorite game of the show so far. :O

Posted by MisterMouse

I went back and watched the intro four or five times...

Posted by Redsox44

This was my game of the show until Watch Dogs. but still this looks really good.

Posted by Zacagawea

@HellBound said:

More people feeding the machine. We did not need another Halo game.

Oh, I didn't know you were every bodies personal tastes combined into one person and somehow know what "we" need.

Posted by wfolse1

Yeah, that looks pretty great.

Posted by TheCreamFilling

Not as good as the Halo 2 E3 2003 demo.

Posted by Landon

Looks like more Halo.

Posted by HeavyDuty32

Actually somewhat intrigued. On a side note, anybody else notice that Master Chief always has the best posture? No head bob at all when he moves around, lol.

Posted by Warihay

Really can't wait to play this now.

Posted by Benjo

Is it just me, or are you fighting General Grievous and the dogs from Avatar?

Posted by LazyDuder

let me guess, the 'defense ai' takes master chief after knocking him out, and upgrades his suit to use him as part of the defense, but Cortana's AI is even better!11111111 now we have super-metroid chief prime *gasp*

Posted by Stubee

New enemy design doesn't disappoint. Notice how the little drone thing whipped the plasma grenade back at the chief?

Posted by Driadon

Huh, I love the use of familiar dialogue and audio to make the different enemies seem that much more alien when they appear. Liking it.

Posted by mlarrabee

That's gorgeous! But that ain't what the Halo assault rifle sounds like.

I'm still undecided.

Posted by lordofultima

Started cracking up when she said "setting a waypoint for infinity."

Posted by Veektarius

@lordofultima: She couldn't set up a waypoint beyond infinity, or they'd risk trademark infringement.

Graphics are great. Not sure if I feel the gameplay's updated enough. And hopefully those new enemies are more dudes and less snake cannons.

Posted by YoungBuck

I'm hyped. This looks great.

Posted by FishboneJenkins

Hell to the yiz-zeah! It looks great!

Posted by MetalGearFlaccid

I like how they introduce a new enemy "race." I swear to god, if the only opposition was covies and flood, I'd get bored reeeeaaaalll quick. But an unexpected, overpowering army with abilities and tactics alien to the styles of human and covenant is very intriguing.

Posted by Destroyeron

MC is back!

Posted by jakob187

Halo: Call of Duty Edition?

The game LOOKS great, but sprint and ADS just made me think of everything BUT Halo. I need to see the multiplayer to make a full decision. Single player is not what people come to Halo for...even though the Forerunner story is intriguing to me.

Posted by HKZ

I'll probably buy this because it looks like the good Halo of old, but new enough to be the first game I've bought for the 360 in about two years.

Posted by The_Tolman

Im confused, why is the covenant still the enemy?

Posted by mabans

I wonder if "Infinity" has any connection to the HALO for PC level..

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