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Posted by Nussiehunter

Cant wait

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Posted by Berkie


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Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

Man, thick with videos.

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Posted by MiniPato


Dark Souls knows just how to creep me the fuck out.

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Posted by RadixNegative2

Looks excellent. Can't wait to play this with a smooth frame rate.

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Posted by Irvandus

You killed my father...

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Posted by Typographenia

This is GFWL, right?

I think it will be worth it, still. : )

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Posted by outerabiz

not interested anymore, hopefully the next one will be a day 1 pc release.

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Posted by sear

@Typographenia: Retail is Games for Windows, but there are non-GfW versions available from other digital distributors.

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Edited by Rattle618

I dont want to die, Im a god, why can´t I live on?

I hope someone gets that one...

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Posted by rramo010


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Posted by KillyDarko
@Rattle618 said:

I dont want to die, Im a god, why can´t I live on?

When the life giver dies, all around is laid waste.
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Posted by weegieanawrench

Release date? Eh not like it matters, as soon as I have a PC, I look forward to a buttery smooth blighttown experience.

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Posted by CodeHero

I really need to go back and finish Dark Souls. Blight town really took it out of me, and I just kind of stopped.

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Posted by wapostyle

Can't wait to play this game at 1080p and 60 fps.

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Posted by TehJedicake

Fuck yeah.

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Posted by Stimpack

I'm prepared to die.

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Posted by katanalauncher

Prepare to die from the eye strain of 30FPS.

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Posted by Velsk

@sear: Where did you hear this? Is it going to be sold on Steam?

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Posted by martez87

They should have called it, "Dark Souls: Prepare to know what the fuck is going on in Blight Town edition"

Even though I just played through this a couple of months ago, I'm really looking forward to jumping back in with a new character and enjoying the playable framerates.

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Posted by Voladric

Yeah, you'll be able to buy it from Steam, but I don't think they've said if the Steam version will use gfwl or not. Did we ever find out if the locked 720p/30 fps was just a bad translation or if that is actually happening?

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Posted by SpunkyJunky

For a brief, glorious moment, I thought it was going to be a Princess Bride game. Then I clicked the link and saw it was Dark Souls instead. Kinda disappointed now...

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Posted by Dallas_Raines



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Posted by 5eNintendan

I need this in me, and my PC.

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Posted by Chet_Rippo


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Posted by Telemekos

My body is ready

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Posted by TheChaos

Prepare to GFWL

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Posted by Arkasai

@SpunkyJunky: Cause there's a movie that's begging for a video game tie in.

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Posted by Krampus

Ok good, the fact that at the very end of the they say the extra content is coming as DLC makes me feel better. I would be endlessly pissed if it was only released for PC. Time to start a new character!

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Posted by envane

steam still has gfwl games .. just so you guys know ..

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Posted by Inquisitor_Sif

System requirements, anyone???

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Posted by MiserableLittlePileOfSecrets

Dark Souls on PC is worth putting up with GFWL, in my opinion.

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Posted by TricksterLoki

Release Date? Do want. Now.

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Posted by Zaapp1

I bet it looks glorious but it better have gamepad support.

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Posted by SpunkyJunky

@Arkasai: thats why I said "kinda". I don't think it would make a bad Sierra style adventure game either.

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Posted by bwheeeler

@Zaapp1 said:

I bet it looks glorious but it better have gamepad support.

They've recommended playing with a gamepad, so probably.

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Posted by tourgen

Did anyone one find out if it's locked to 30fps or not?

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Posted by Double0hFor


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Posted by Bocam

@Voladric: It's locked at 30 fps but not 720p

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Posted by Aarny91

I fucking need some Dark Souls.

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Posted by Anathem

@KillyDarko said:

@Rattle618 said:

I dont want to die, Im a god, why can´t I live on?

When the life giver dies, all around is laid waste.

And in my last hour, I'm a slave to the power of death.

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Posted by sate2801

they should make a video showing how many ways you can die in dark soul prepare to die edition, like those for RE4 and dead space

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Posted by Otzlowe

I am going to buy the fuck out of this.

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Posted by saddlebrown

@CodeHero said:

I really need to go back and finish Dark Souls. Blight town really took it out of me, and I just kind of stopped.

Any time you hit a severe wall, just get humanity and try to get someone to help you. Trust me. My best experiences have been in multiplayer.

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Posted by MrPilkington

I can feel the excitement and the apposed aneurysm all over again.

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Posted by Humanity

@weegieanawrench: Blighttown might still be a mess even on PC but I hope it's not.

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Posted by impartialgecko

Maybe it's just me, but I really love the cacophonous soundtrack in Dark Souls.

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Posted by Swoxx

I'm playing diablo 3 on inferno. Trust me, I'm always prepared to die.

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Posted by Yummylee

Goddamn, this gave me the chills...

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Posted by Tesla

Great game, it's really too bad that this such a lazy port apparently. If the framerate is still fucked in Blight town...talk about a wasted opportunity.

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