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Something for the Vita?

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@Szlifier said:

Something for the Vita?


Posted by binhoker

fighting game ports for vita can FUCK AWAY OFF

Posted by theinnkeeper

Now with free DLC!

Posted by CharAznable

This game has been such a clusterfuck since day one, it's a shame. I want to love you, Capcom, I really do.

Posted by LordAndrew

Jak X? Sweet.

Posted by Mechanized

What a great hype trailer, they showed him getting his ass kicked. What?

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@Mechanized said:

What a great hype trailer, they showed him getting his ass kicked. What?

I'm pretty sure mixed up the titles with the other SFxT trailer.

Posted by Shaka999

pssst who the fuck is jack-x?


LOL. Hyping up a game that no one is going to buy. Capcom is looking at a boycott.

Posted by GaspoweR

Still doesnt erase the fact that Capcom literally fucked everyone else over by making it paid DLC thats already on the disc for the guys who already bought in on console. Game literally went from being "the shit" to just shit in a matter of weeks in the tournament scene.

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@FLStyle: I didn't say he'd win.

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@Marino: huh, I guess you didn't.

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Bah! I thought it was the ps2 racing game Jak X. Oddly I would be mored psyched for that.

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Unless they announce all the new characters are free for the home versions, I don't see anyone caring more than a week after they come out.

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They didn't even show Jack-X's awesome moveset. He has a Viper-style seismo.

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That Mowak is so goofy.

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They really pissed off some people with there DLC plans for this game.