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Posted by tsiro

Hooray! Been excited to see this since it was mentioned last night.

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Am I in Quest World now??

Edit: Fuck Yeah Science!!!

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Will Brad pee his pants?

Ooh, I own the wireless headset that he is using!

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Schweet. LOL at the electrical tape!

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John Carmack and VR Technology!! Brings me back to the 90's... I dont think Brad got a word in

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Johnny C? Nice.

Posted by csl316

17 minutes of Carmack? 17 minutes of brain training that I'm looking forward to.

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Virtual Realty!? Mortgage Simulator 2013! I can't wait.

EDIT: ...it's like listening to a mad scientist describe his doomsday device.

EDIT#2: I love Brad trying to coax him into a soft landing at the end with his "uh huh"s and "yeah"s. Never seen him speak so quickly when he had a chance to.

All the same this is pretty damn interesting.

Posted by TeamJersey

Are rockets mentioned?

Posted by kollay

John Carmack! My brain is ready.

Posted by Winternet

Duct tape! That's so great.

Posted by leejunfan83

They could be brothers

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Finally get to see those goggles Carmack has been Tweeting about!

Posted by evanbower

Ohhhhhh, now I understand. Thanks for explaining, John!

Posted by WVUEers

Shiiiiit... is this going to be on the test?

Posted by SargeGulp

My brain... oh god my brain

Posted by jozzy

@evanbower said:

Ohhhhhh, now I understand. Thanks for explaining, John!

Kind of easy huh, just a matter of buffers, pipelines and ghosting. Easy peasy.

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Posted by tyxja

I understand like every third or forth word this guy says, which is nearly enough for me to understand.

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That duder is hella intelligent.

Edit: "...deeply, fundamentally cool." I'm so glad his brain is working on video games.

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Carmack is such a fantastic nerd, I love him. I also love that this rig is just duct taped together.

Great interview though, I could listen to this man all day.

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Wait, was that futurama music I just heard?

God Damn I love listening to that man talk. That was fascinating.

Posted by BasketSnake

It's great to see that nanotechvisionology is being worked on.

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Carmack is so far above us peons.

Edit: Brad looks like he wants Carmack to ask him to be his disciple.

Posted by Vequeth

This guy knows his shit

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Carmack almost needs 3 extra mouths to get all the info in his head out. An extraordinary man.

Posted by Gonmog

Love listing to this guy talk.

Posted by Getz

This is just going way over my head.

Posted by TehJedicake

John Carmack is AWESOME!!

Posted by Ares42

lol, quite funny how at the end Brad is having problems even getting a word in =D

Posted by ZombiePie

So I'm guessing milliseconds of latency is a bad thing?

Posted by wisdumcube

This is some next level shit.

Posted by Abendlaender

John Carmack? Awesome.

Also congratz Brad for overcoming your Carmack fear ^^

Posted by Icecreamjones

This is what a Mad Scientist looks and sounds like. God bless him.

Posted by Oldirtybearon

I like to think that I'm a smart guy, but when Carmack opens his mouth, my eyes glaze over.

This guy is insane.

Posted by moe6

@ZombiePie: It all adds up everywhere so less is better.

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This was awesome, you guys should see if you can interview him with a little less of a time constraint next time.

Posted by Xyber

<3 Carmack

Posted by gamefreak9

Great interview though this guy has stuff to say so I can't give any credit to brad :P.

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Uuuuhhhh :D I do hope this things gets to the place Carmack says ... imagine playing games with that thing .... altho for the looks of it it would be limited to FPS ....

Posted by Yummylee

@zeekthegeek said:

This is what a Mad Scientist looks and sounds like. God bless him.

He's like a real life Dr Frink without the gufravin havin.

Posted by Rodiard

Genius on there.

Posted by Dukesy

I watched this 3 times..........fucking Carmack

Posted by smokyexe

This guy..

Also, why did you cut it...

Posted by LeeroyPinkerton

I have no idea what he is saying but I feel smarter by the second.

Posted by c0d3m45t3r

I wish Carmack did a podcast

Posted by Scrawnto

@TeamJersey: He mentions how his work on the gyroscopic systems for his rockets came in handy for working with the sensors.

Posted by Crono

I don't think Carmack even took the time to breathe during that interview. I don't know as though it was as much an interview as it was a lecture though. A very fun and interesting lecture at that. I really enjoy listening to a developer that is so passionate about what they are doing. I might not understand everything he says but I don't mind listening.

Posted by Zaccheus

When Brad said held together with duct tape... Well I guess I didn't really think he meant literally.

Posted by Tr0n

Info overload! Awesome like always.