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The finest bird racing game.

EDIT: Hope that's gameplay. It looks neat! Can kinda see how the AYIM guys would make this.

Posted by theartofbalance

I definitely agree. One of the best bird racing games I've seen.

Posted by Oullie

The graphics are simple but they still look sort of pretty.

Posted by poheroe

ummmmmmm cool?

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That the music changes when you are under water is a pretty nice touch.

Posted by HeavyDuty32

I'm not really sure what's happening in this game, but it looks nice.

Posted by psoplayer

I quite liked AYIM, and this looks charming. Do want.

Posted by happygolucky

This looks lovely

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Posted by MeatSim

Nothing beats sport of competitive origami bird racing,

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Great use of color and depth.

Posted by Eeptog

this looks like something id see on newgrounds and choose not to play.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

You know what, game? The north-west IS beautiful.

Posted by AlisterCat

Looks beautiful.

Could easily be on Kinect, Move and iOS. Great, now I'm thinking like a publisher.