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Wuhuu! First... Haha... Holy crap I need a life sometimes...

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I want this game.

Much better. When I watched this part live, I missed a bunch because the stream was choppy as hell. I missed the whole rock pikmin business.

Did they scrap the whole elaborate mole people intro or is that gonna be a part of the E3 Day 1 breakdown type videos?

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Between this and Scribblenauts, I'm really going to need a Wii U.

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Pikman, Pikmore, Pikthree. They should hire me to come up with slogans.

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Fuck yeah Pikman

Fuck no Wii U

I'm torn

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This and SimCity were the two most unabashed moments of joy I felt this E3.

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They just sold me a wii U.

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Fucking awesome.

As a side note, Pikmin is probably the most original depiction of a post-apocalyptic world in gaming.

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I love this franchise... so much...

Oh Nintendo. Always just enough to keep me.

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Well now I need to buy a fucking Wii U ugh

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Want to support Pikmin. Don't want to support WiiU. What do?

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Never played Pikmin, this looks cool.

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Lost me at shaking the nunchuk to charge

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.....part of me... feels bad i'm tempted to get a Wii U.

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I love the design of the new rock pikmen, but they're really only replacing the bomb in terms of gameplay and removing that danger element. I wonder what real world objects we'll be digging up this time around?

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Can't wait for pikmin 3!

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Really like what I see here, and I'm kinda feeling the Wii U (?). Sold. I guess.

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Now, put StarCraft 2 on this system (or use Microsoft's SmartGlass), and I'm sold.

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I'm looking forward to this. The use of the Game pad sounds like it could lead to interesting challenges and puzzles.

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Pikmin 3 makes the Wii U a must buy for me.

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Funny how it's more bearable to listen to a guy speak Japanese with a translator than listen to a guy who speaks english that just reads poorly off a script.

Although Jack Tretton was the best host I'd have to say.

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This is a system seller for me. Pikmin is among my top 3 franchises.


I'm not really into Pikmin but it's a sign of good things brewing at Nintendo. Miyamoto's speech was reassuring too.

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I feel like a purple Pikmin.

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Never played Pikmin but I'd be interested in trying this out. They're kind of like badass ants, stealing crap and fucking shit up.

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I'm still feeling the burn of buying my Wii at launch. I'm not getting sucked into their bullshit again ... even if this game looks brilliant. They need to do more to win gamers like myself back, but this is a big step in the right direction.

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I feel the same way, they totally Twilight Princess'd this game (again). "Old" nintendo owners are left hanging on a game long promised for that console in order to beef up the otherwise pathetic launch lineup of the next console. And that they would have you believe the game was held back because a second screen map is so vital to the experience is just salt in the wound imo.

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What's that Miyamoto? Did you just say having a game with a higher resolution wasn't just fucking superfluous and visually driven but can also affect the design of the game itself? glad it took you so long to admit it.

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HA I looooove Pikmin! I just hope they kept the co-op feature from pikmin 2. That would almost singlehandedly sell me on the Wii U

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The Rock Pikmin must be the Pikmin the other Pikmin don't talk about.

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@RockmanBionics said:

Never played Pikmin but I'd be interested in trying this out. They're kind of like badass ants, stealing crap and fucking shit up.

I haven't played them since they came out, so I'm coming from that perspective; the games were a lot of fun, but watching this, I can see how they may be a little confusing just from a video or w/e. They really are fun, but Miyamoto is kinda known for his work in that way.

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@NekuCTR: get it anyway. Pikmin and Rayman sold me on the system. Both are great franchises.

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Miyamoto-san is so cool...I really wish I could speak Japanese.