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Posted by NZPenfold

More videos

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Wii U.


EDIT: this looks unespectedly intersting :o

Posted by danjbailey


Posted by connerthekewlkid

dang looks like gundam pikmin

Posted by evanbower

This game seems amazing but looks not so hot.

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

The lack of this and the Wario game really makes me question just what Nintendo thinks its doing.

Posted by Make_Me_Mad

Holy fucking yes.

Posted by Rxanadu

Looks crazy and awesome like every Platinum Games game since MadWorld.  Looking forward to more info about this one.

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

Yeah, why was this not shown. Would have been better then showing "Sing".

Posted by Nottle

This game looks like a game that would be made if Hideki Kamiya was given a job at Double Fine.

Posted by TruthTellah

Why weren't a lot of things in the press conference? The world will never know...

Posted by Sammo21

Because Nintendo is ashamed and confused by creativity.

Posted by smitty86

Honestly, I think the main reason they did not show it on the main stage is that it looks so much like Pikmin they would want to avoid at all cost giving people the easy thought of "So......wiiU will have TWO Pikmin-type games? Ok.....".

Posted by Typographenia

Holy cow, this should have been the only thing they showed at the Nintendo conference!

Platinum Games can do no wrong.

Posted by Draxyle

Why wasn't this in the press conference?

I kept asking myself the same question. It's a new IP for a new console. Why did this get shoved aside for Nintendoland and wii fit?

Posted by Irvandus

If Katamari and Diablo were to reproduce I think this would be the baby.

Posted by mnzy

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Yeah, why was this not shown. Would have been better then showing "Sing".

Apparently Spike had an exclusivity contract.

Posted by Kevino13

I... I might need a Wii U...

Posted by csl316

Not at all what I would've expected from Platinum. Looks neat!

Posted by Vonocourt

This is like a N64 game made in 2012, in the best possible way.

Posted by Shaanyboi

wtf.... thi slooks awesome. Why wasn't it at the show, and then they focused so much time on Arkham City (great game but... like... come on, it's old fucking news)??

Posted by endaround

Behold, the power of Jello!

Posted by avenlaya

I think we may find out in the upcoming weeks after TGS that a lot of stuff wasn't in the press conference.

Posted by soupbones


Posted by dream431ca


Posted by TehFlan

Okay, this gives me more reason to want a Wii U. Depending on price, I might be getting one this Christmas.

Posted by AuthenticM

Is this what Pikmin would look like if it was made by Platinum?

Edited by GalacticPunt

I think they didn't show this because it would steal some thunder from Miyamoto's Pikmin. But this isn't Pikmin, it is extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeme Pikmin.

Posted by OriginalGman

The Last Guy + Pikmin = The Last Pikmin?

Posted by The_Nubster

Can someone please explain to me what is happening?

Posted by SpicyRichter

Macro sized nanotech?

Posted by BoOzak

I dont know what the hell just happend but it was awesome ;p

Posted by hardrockin006

I think most of the comments comparing it to Pikmin explain why it wasn't shown at the conference. The game looks awesome and hopefully it'll actually makes it stateside (just never know with Nintendo). However, it does have similarities to Pikmin and why draw attention away from what ended up being Nintendo's biggest announcement at their press conference.

Posted by SpasticHeathen

A TIME/DAMAGE/COMBO rating system after every encounter, every unique enemy getting their own splash screen upon introduction, batshit crazy humor and super self-referential as shit.

This is a Kamiya game if I ever saw one.

Posted by McQuinn

Why not just put Metal Gear Rising on Wii U? I'm very suspicious of you Nintendo.

Posted by Ascardon

Platinum games love you guys.This looks crazy fun.

Posted by Chemin

This looks fucking amazing. Seriously. Damn.

Posted by MildMolasses

Well, they're making me buy an MGS game I otherwise wouldn't care about, so I guess they got me here. They were one of the reasons I bought a wii in the first place. Fuck you Platinum

Posted by MocBucket62

This is what Nintendo needed for their press conference becuase this looks awesome! However, I do agree that this would steal some thunder from Pikmin 3.

Posted by tourgen

actually looks pretty good

Posted by Aarny91

Wii U bought.

Edited by Otzlowe

And to think I was almost totally off the bus with this WiiU stuff.

Posted by Jazz_Lafayette

Evidently someone notable from the Bayonetta team worked on this, so it should be interesting at least.

Edited by Kaineda77

My favourite Developer seems to be working on the wrong console...I predict a crappy story and amazing gameplay

Posted by Driadon

This might just be on the perfect level of crazy.

Posted by MeatSim

Lets not show this new game at the press conference. Instead lets show ports of games from last year.

Posted by JamieOD

Wow, I like the look of this one.

Posted by Constable_Wiggum

Looks like they finally combined Pikmin and No More Heroes 2!

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I don't know what's going on here, but I like it.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Very cool. Platinum continues to rock. Now just make a Gurren Lagann game on Wii U that's amazing mech combat mixed with The Wind Waker and Skyrim but also has strategyelements in big battles.

Oh and do a true follow to Okami, but without it being Okami....because...you know that's a Capcom IP.

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