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Posted by jamminontha1n2

is this real

Posted by Jaytow


Posted by ScipioAfro

A shameful display.

Posted by falconpunch


Posted by Jaytow


Posted by Hector

Still waiting on that 3DS Pokemon game.

Posted by vikingdeath1

As someone who bought Both Black & White........ I dunno about this....

Posted by ManU_Fan10ne


Posted by Turambar

Wait, wasn't this announced a long time ago?  Or did I just see some really convincing fan art back then?

Posted by GS_Dan

This looks poor.

Posted by DeadlyWolverine

This already looks better than the Gamefreak stuff they have right now.

Edited by psoplayer

A Pokemon tactics game? I'm on board. (Or I would be if I had a DS)

Posted by melodiousj


I think that was the Japanese announcement that we saw back then.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Dude with the Eevee knows what's up.

Edited by ArbitraryWater

Admittedly, I love this more in concept than from the smattering of gameplay I've seen here and there, but much like Final Fantasy and its TBS spinoffs, I do feel like there is a good turn-based tactical Pokemon game to be made out there, even if this isn't necessarily the one.

Posted by drowsap

looks like advanced wars with pokemon if so im in

Posted by Enigma777


Posted by TehFlan

Historically accurate.

Posted by Irvandus


Posted by Korolev

So if a pokemon fails, does it have to ritually commit suicide to avoid shame?

Posted by Steffs

So...that just happened...

Posted by SomeJerk

The warring states era setting is hilariously popular in games and anime now, there's been like four different shows of high school girls in the role of Nobunaga etc only this year..

Posted by MikeGosot

...They should have changed Pokémon's appearance just a tiny bit.

Posted by milquetoasttantrums

hell yes

Edited by Kosayn

I give every single Tactics Ogre clone I can get my hands on a chance. You never know when you'll find a gem in the rough like Kartia. There certainly are some that are really bad, though. Hoshigami and Stella Deus come to mind.

Hope it's good. Should have been on consoles.

Posted by CookieMonster

If it had cool little animations like the Fire Emblem gba games had I would be down for this.

Posted by Aegon

"I really hope this works!" 
Yeah I bet you do. 

Posted by BBAlpert

@ScipioAfro said:

A shameful display.

Nicely done.

Posted by Bollard

I can't believe they're still making DS games.

Posted by Robaota

Hopefully this adds to the pretty stellar line-up of Tactical RPGs already on the DS, which seems to be made for these games.

Posted by Genxalo

Pokemon Tactics?

Posted by kerse

This looks kind've awesome.

Posted by ApexDefect

Ok pokemon, I'm interested again.

Posted by Food

the term 'warring states era' usually refers to a period of Chinese history, not Japanese.


Posted by WJist

Seriously, I have been waiting for a new idea with Pokemon for awhile. In the absence of Advance Wars, this will be a great tactics game to obsess over for months.

Posted by Tomzombie

Pokémon Conquest, They made a tactics game with Pokemon awesome.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I've heard nothing but fantastic things. I can't wait.

Posted by The_Tolman

So these are the fabled wars were humans used pokemon.

Posted by ModernAlkemie

You really don't want to know what happens if you get your "link" with a Pokemon to 100%.

Posted by TiE23

Been playing too much Shogun 2... but I hope I can give my favorite Charmander as a hostage to prevent a costly w--- OH GOD DAMMIT THEY DECLARED WAR ON ME THE NEXT TURN AND EXECUTED MY CHARMANDER GOD FUCKING DAMMIT.

Posted by MeatSim

Finally a historically accurate Pokemon game.

Posted by 5eNintendan

So I take this as, Pokemon Fire emblem Edition or am I missing something. Because if it is that, sign me up.

Posted by RayCarter

If you look closely, many of these "trainers" are actually models of the Samurai Warriors from KOEI.

Pokemon and Samurai Warriors together. As strange a team up as any -____-*.

Posted by i8246i

This video is at least 1-2 years old. All they did was translate it.

And all this is is a Pokemon turn-based RPG with more gimmicks...

Posted by Funky_Pasta_Tommy

Seriously, when the hell are we gonna get a Grand Theft Pokemon?

I'd play the shit out of a 3rd person sandbox pokemon game, heck, even if it played the same way come fighting time that the old school gameboy games played.

Give us an open world, people, maybe some pokemon animations when they fight if you stick to a tactical menu gameplay style. Something like that would be class and I feel I'm taking crazy pills coz no one has made that game yet!

"The piano neck tie! I invented that!"

Posted by Gaff

I... suddenly feel like playing Sengoku Rance again.

Posted by johnbakosh

is this getting a NA release now?

Posted by Forderz

Attack range of those abilities looked a lil weak. Where's my hyper beam across the map?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Those other guys had Pokemon that are pretty definitively stronger than Eevee, so I don't know about this kids chances.

Posted by dead_eye_sam

At first glance of the thumbnail I thought it was Naruto lol

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