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This looks tasty

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Great Job!

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Its the game that will never be released... is this from 38 Studios too?

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Now I'm just disappointed that this isn't an actual cereal.

Also that the Nintendo Cereal System no longer exists.

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I wanna taste the graphics...

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that was amazing.

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That graphics tasted delicious.

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It warms my heart that it is on a 32X cart...rest in peace "Tempo" rest in piece

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Holy shit this is an awesome advert

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please come out :(

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I think Offspring Fling did a better retro ad parody. Less "OMG SOOOO RANDOM LOLZ!!!1"

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The version of the Nintendo Cereal System song my friends and I swore by:


Super Mario Jumps!


And Zelda humps!"

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Ouch. My brain.

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Best trailer of E3?

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I need me some of that.

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Tim and Eric must have directed this

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best commercial ever

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This is amazing. I was smiling before I started the video.

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@Cyrisaurus: Exactly what I was thinking too. This was awesome.

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Reminded me of those Powerthirst youtube videos.

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From Cinco

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I got an invitation to attend the Annual Nakatomi Christmas Office Party in Los Angeles, is it worth going to see Mr. Akagi or should I pass on it?

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Points for effort, but that pitch guy sucks.

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Is it sad that I'd rather eat the cereal than play the game?

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No interest in the game what soever but they should make a TV series like this.... Oh wait Tim and Eric nm

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@wewantsthering said:

Best trailer of E3?

best trailer of ever

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I want to taste the graphics now!

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For a second there, I actually believed this video was from the late 80s.

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I remember when this was a remake of GTA3 using NES specs.