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Oh man laughed that whole minute straight. Amazing ending too.

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I feel like I'm already dead

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Really liked the first one. DW7 Empires? One PIece! Kens Rage! FUUUUU! AWESOME!

Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

What is greater, Ken's rage or Asura's wrath?

Posted by MikeGosot

FUCK YEAH! Also, where's Jay?

Posted by csl316

Does Asura have more rage?

Posted by JackSukeru

I like how they're not sure if they are just gonna call it Ken's Rage 2, or make up another silly title, just yet.

Posted by mavs

Please be good. Or at least mediocre.

Posted by Seraphim84

I played through that first one, but I have reservations about trying to get through another one.

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Looks like they obscured it to holy hell with that vignette because the game looks pretty fucking terrible.

Some might say the franchise is already dead ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAAAAA!!!!!!

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I'm excite!!!!!!!!!

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Oh Koei

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I can't believe there's a market for another one.

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Working title

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I want to play a game where you're in the metal band from this trailer & your only job is to follow Ken around, keeping him amped up with your awesome guitar licks.

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Well,one less victim to the wub,but only just.

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I have no expectations of it being good, i'm just hoping it has an insane story.

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Murdertime Funtime!!!!

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Wait, so we're just gonna play through the same story again? I don't want to do that.

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@csl316 said:

Does Asura have more rage?

Asura has all the rage.

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I hope this follows the story after that so that we can have characters in hokuto no ken 2

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*sees new Fist of the North Star game*


*sees the Toei logo*


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@TheHT said:

Wait, so we're just gonna play through the same story again? I don't want to do that.

Maybe, maybe not. But it's not unusual for the Warriors games to go back over a story that's been done before with a new angle.

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I'm not ready to -

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You are already dead 2.

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Surprised that after the previous one being rather average in ratings on a lot of places that they are even doing a sequel. Expecting this one to be about the same as the last without much improvement.

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Too stoked for this. I am already dead

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Anything made by Omega Force/Koei means it is just going to be Dynasty Warriors with a different skin. I would love to see Cyber Connect 2 make a Fist game.