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Edit: The E3 of facestabbing continues unabated.

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I'll give it a shot, why not

Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

Not the beetle!

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So the archer was REALLY little? OR was that dude at the end ginormous and the castle was actually pretty large?

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And after that...



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The last thing I would need is a mini-me climbing on me and shooting toothpicks at my foes.. I'll have to see how three degrees of size play out.

Posted by believer258

Wait... I thought the red dude was the successful stabber when I first saw this...

Anyway, I remember rolling my eyes when I saw it first at Microsoft's conference (I believe) and this doesn't really excite me much either. I just know that it has something to do with big dudes and bigger dudes swinging pointy things at each other.

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I don't even... what?

Posted by oraknabo

How is Warner Bros ever going to let them keep this name?

Posted by poheroe

so size matters?

Posted by Generiko

wait apparently this is a turn based rpg.....wat

Posted by lolwut

At first I misread and thought thar this was some kind of new content for Tribes: Ascend. Needless to say, I'm incredibly disappointed.

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not the beetle, Noooooooo

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@sirchode: Yes, give it a shot, so long as that shot is taken... WITH A BOW!

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looks Bloodforge as fuck to me

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If the bald dude at the beginning is their main character design, he needs some work.

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At least it has a somewhat interesting multiplayer component...

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This trailer really looks like dog shit.

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@oraknabo said:

How is Warner Bros ever going to let them keep this name?

First thing I thought about also.

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2nd viewing for me, still looks bad

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@nickux said:

looks Bloodforge as fuck to me

I thought the same thing.

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Year of the chin-stab.

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@Generiko said:

wait apparently this is a turn based rpg.....wat

OK now I'm interested. The graphics still looks horrendous though. But I need more Turn Based RPGs.

Posted by vinsanityv22

Neat use of scale here, but didn't Microsoft just release a "Really greyish brown, vaguely God of War inspired" game for XBLA? That thing starring Krom? That Bloodforge thing?

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@NegativeCero said:

@nickux said:

looks Bloodforge as fuck to me

I thought the same thing.


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I will check out any game the Toy Soilders people make.

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Did the art design come from some goth kid's high school notebook doodles?

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Guy climbing a guy climbing a guy.