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Posted by MikeyTsunami

Sim City O_O

Edited by dawnclover

This looks (and sounds) freaking awesome... I miss some SimCity fun!

Posted by ChrisTaran

@dprabon said:

@Landmine said:

Alex totally left him hanging there at the end. Poor guy.


Navarro snubs are the worst kind of snubs

Posted by BombcastGoldthwait

Awkwardly going in for a handshake, then getting left hanging is the best/worst.

Posted by adamazing

judging by his stutter at the end , id say it was coming out to more than just pc

Posted by impartialgecko

@adamazing: I think we've gotten to the point where a console version of PC strategy game will probably be fine. Not the best way to play, but still totally passable. If it means more people buy it so we can get a sequel then great.

Posted by MHumphreys89

I thought I had stumbled into the Alex Photoshop thread for a moment there...

Posted by Jolt92

Sim City looks so fucking awesome.

Posted by brooksee

Easy to weed?

I'm in.

Posted by squiDc00kiE

10 years later, I still NEED simcity in my life